Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Riding the crest of my Nigella wave...

...so I am.  I can't believe I forgot to mention that Nigella (yes she needs no surname) direct messaged me on Twitter the other night!  Now I'm not normally taken by celebs in any way shape or form. I don't buy the heat type magazines on a regular basis - maybe a couple of times a year. I don't watch X-factor or Britain's Got Talent and I certainly don't like the fake Amanda Holden.  How on earth does she manage to get so much press coverage? Answer me that.

I recently went to a wedding where Jeff Brazier (who writes a column in the Daily Mirror and had 2 children with Jade Goody) was present. He seemed like a very nice, well turned out chap but I had no desire to be photographed with him or felt star struck in anyway.  The same cannot be said for some of the people I was with!

I once went to The Ivy restaurant years back and I have to admit I did hope to see a few major celebrity faces as it was the haunt at the time. I was thinking perhaps one of my favourite film actors like Al Pacino, Robert De Niro or Leonardo DiCaprio - that kind of league. Who was in there? Roger Moore.  Looking very tanned and wrinkly going over the bill with a fine tooth comb. A tad disappointing don't you think.

I once saw Rod Stewart go pass our house in an open topped car - I could see this mad mop of hair and I thought that looks like....then when I saw the number plate (something highly original like ROD 1) my suspicions were confirmed.  The only time when a telly figure caught me well and truly off guard and open mouthed was when I came face to face with Trevor McDonald whilst stepping into the work lift. I think it was the sheer randomness and surprise factor involved. He said "Good Afternoon" in his news like voice.  I must admit I did exit the lift on my floor saying "I've just been in the lift with Trevor McDonald!" whilst doing a merry jig. So all and all then I've had no real brushes with anyone that decent off the telly or big screen.

Enter Nigella. Now I love Nigella. I loved the Nigella Bites series and the one where she was rustling up numbers in her seaside house.  I liked her little television show she did where she got her friends to discuss this and that. I like her rainy day biscuits and the fact she collects biscuit cutters.  I love her Italian trifle recipe and I admire her descriptive speaking and writing. I have about 4 of her books in total. 

I also remember watching her late husband's documentary on his throat cancer which was so very sad.  She has lost a husband and sister to cancer. I think Nigella whilst born into a wealthy family and will never really know financial hardship, has had to deal with plenty of emotional hardship.  I think she totally gets it - the perspective on life that everyone speaks of when something bad happens.  She looks fantastic too - curvy or slimmer it doesn't matter.  I felt quite angry when the papers slated her for the outfit she wore in Australia. She quite rightly said "what am I supposed to look like in my 50's?"  To be honest most of us would kill to look like her. I'm 38 and if I look anywhere half as decent as she does than I'd be a happy women. She's a man's women and women's women.

So I did get a little excited about my DM I have to admit. I sent her an @nigella message after reading her husband's interview. It was very frank and refreshing to hear.  This is her reply - in case you don't believe me!

The Nigella DM!

I did message her back to flog my blog and to say I was a sane fan as opposed to a crazy one. Funnily enough she hasn't replied!  

Turning to dieting matters I had a brain wave last night - this week I'm going to do a photo diary of the food that I haven't eaten. The food that I've turned down. Its going to be called Temptation Corner and it will be interesting to see the amount of calories I've said no to. Starting with my husband's baked cheesecake I have lovingly made for him today.  

Until next time...


  1. I think Nigella's words need more analysing - maybe she was secretly trying to tell you how much she admired your original tweet and that she'd love to be friends. I think you should agonise over it a bit and try to decide if another follow-up tweet is required. And after how much time, etc... And if you're wondering - I would have blogged about it as well. :) xx

  2. A tweet worthy of blogging about, if ever there was one. Hurrah for you for getting a response. I like!

  3. I think Nigella now thinks I'm a nut case and I doubt I'll be getting anymore DM's somehow!! Thanks Fiona for not making me feel like a right saddo! x