Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Photo Food Diary

Went wild this morning and ate raisins too!

Scrummy lunch tried out these new pittas which have seeds and oats (150cal) with king prawns 175g, roquet leaves and buddy's bread sticks a teaspoon of light mayo and dash of ketchup - love it!

Before it went wrong....

Would I lie to you guys - no sorry! My friend who makes delicious cakes and cake pops turns up at the playgroup thrusting these into my hand! Now the kids all had one each which mean there were 2 left - I had the 2 blue ones, please note the yellow and pink one is slightly bigger - I reckon they're 100 cals a pop - hence no pudding.

Its swimming lessons on a Wednesday so tea is even more uninspiring - pasta with 2 x teaspoons of green pesto and some olives - I've also had some grapes during the day too. Good job I did a workout.


  1. phew! I thought I was going to get a good old telling off from you all! x

  2. Sounds like quite a healthy day, those cakepops don't seem too big AND you worked out! A girls gotta have a treat ;) xx

  3. Wow those cake pops look amazing, I've never seen anything like that - I should probably go on pinterest more lol! Sounds like not too bad of a day too me :) and the pitta with seeds sounds yummy! x

  4. thank you ladies - yes they weren't too big but they were gone in a jiffy! My friend has a facebook page 'cakes by fairies' if you fancy a gander at all her lovely cakes and cake pops x