Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Photo Food Diary

Breakfast tinned peaches

Matron! A big banana after doing the weekly shop and feeling mighty rough today with gunky eye

Snacking whilst putting the shopping away

Scrummy lunch of wholemeal pitta with 130 g of prawns and 130g of salmon, tomato and a bread stick from buddy - how thoroughly middle class of me as the hubster would say

Low fat yogurt - not intentionally though as studies have shown having the low fat and sweetener stuff is actually bad for you - it makes you crave sugar that's why I don't drink diet drinks anymore. I need to swap the yogurts to proper ones

Its shopping day what can I say!

Rice couple of tablespoons, broccoli, 1 chicken breaded piece pinched from kids, 1/4 steak and mushroom pie

And finally...


  1. That's a good healthy day's food I think. Keep it up!

  2. Thanks had a bit more today am hungry now so that's good. My dinners aren't very creative at the moment. I can cook but don't enjoy it with a 2 year old charging around. Still at least its 1970's plain and simple! x

  3. One thought, Natasha. Do you have sugar in tea or coffee? When I cut it out some years ago, I found myself used to doing without within about 4 weeks and now I can't stand it with sugar if someone accidentally puts it in for me. Not only that, I found that my sweet tooth for other sweet things almost disappeared. Good luck with your efforts.

  4. Hi Carole - no I don't thankfully as that'd be another thing to give up!! I also use skimmed milk in everything although studies have shown that the full fat isn't that bad for you after all as it contains more vitamins etc. x

    1. I say go for the full fat - just in moderate quantities. Keep up the good work