Monday, 12 March 2012

Photo Food Diary

Breakfast with coffee

Lunch with coffee - wholemeal pitta 2 x corned beef  + salad leaves teaspoon butter

Afters or pudding - tinned fruit cocktail juice drained

Dinner - 5 x meatballs, runner beans (I know but didn't want to waste them! - new potatoes in oven, red onion and sauce is just tinned tomatoes with red onion

Rest of tin plus some tinned pineapple


  1. Apart from being a novel idea I think this may also help to contin your eating - I mean you're not going to whip the camera out for a nibble of something on the go so you may not eat it. Good luck!

  2. That's what I thought - it really does work - I know its only day 1 but when you think I will have to take a picture of that it does make you think. Thanks! x

  3. Thank you - you can all have a go if you think its too much but I can tell you now I am very hungry!