Sunday, 11 March 2012

Officially in Training

Yes I am.  I am 'running' or it could well be plodding the Race for Life on May 23rd with my best friend who is currently undergoing Chemo treatment for Breast Cancer. Its only 3 miles and I may well be walking it if my friend isn't up to running.  In any event, I've decided I need to up the anti with the exercise - I do work out pretty much every week (see exercise log) but as I'm getting fitter its getting easier. That's why I use wrist weights when I do the Wii dance 3.  When I started the Biggest Loser X-Box game it bloody killed me! I used to watch the giant fatties on the American version of the show - bawling their eyes out whilst working out and think come on get a grip. However, having done the workout (on intense until I switched it to hard) I, too, was also crying.  That is why I could only manage 30 mins max - I would look at the little countdown box at the top of the screen willing the programme to end.  But now, although it is a hard work out, I should increase it to 60 mins rather than the 30 mins so that is what I'll do.

Another one of my favourite fat programmes which isn't on at the moment is X-Weighted.  Its a Canadian programme and the fitness trainer pulls no punches.  He goes to the person's home examines the contents of their fridge/cupboards and promptly dumps it all in the bin.  On one show this woman is arguing the toss (huge 20 stone plus) about her 'low fat yogurts' and he turns to her and says "how's that working out for you?"  My kind of guy!  So basically the programme is taped over 6 months and its diet and exercise.  Nothing radical just plain old hard work.  I'm going off on a slight tangent but in the programme they always have a fitness goal to aim for like a 10km run etc so whilst I've never been on the show (I did apply after my second child but don't think 1) I was large enough 2) there was the small matter of them not filming in the UK) I now have an X-weighted fitness goal.

I don't know what weigh in will be like tomorrow - I had fish and chips at the quiz night and there were various munches on the table that I helped myself too. It was such good fun, however, you know you're in trouble when half the team don't know who Che Guevara is.  Although I am always in control of the pen, I am not in control of the team who regularly make me cross out the right answer for the wrong one.  Having said that this is the woman that piped up the QE2 was the first ship to get hit in the Falklands!  My husband was like "please tell me you didn't put that, please!" My sisters did a sterling job of being quiz masters and we raised more funds for the school - a post about the PTA and the internal wranglings will be coming up soon.

Last night we were out at a 60th - a riotous affair with various old men dancing on chairs, trying to whip off their trousers and the birthday boy having to sit down for about 2 hours to recover. He is a short overweight guy who has had heart problems so probably wasn't the best idea. Still if you can't have a heart attack whilst having fun on you 60th when can you?

I had quite a few vodka and tonics but wasn't drunk by any stretch of the imagination.  I ate before we got there and when I did pop over to the buffet table it looked like something Gillian McKeith lays out on the show "you are what you eat". It looked so unappealing - manky sandwiches, grey chicken legs, sausage rolls, frazzles (yes i didn't touch any). If like me, you struggle with a buffet (see my post The Buffet Girl), I highly recommend going over to it once the masses have tucked in.  It looks so uninviting once half of its gone and spilling out all over the place. So no extra calories there.

I squeezed and I mean squeezed into these soft chocolate brown trousers with a brown sequin top (yes I know I said goodbye to them but it did go) and leopard print shoes. The leather jacket my husband got for me last year which fitted like a straight jacket actually fitted nicely last night.

So today I feel mighty positive that everything is moving in the right direction mentally and physically.  On that note I wish you a lazy Sunday afternoon and see you tomorrow for my weigh in!

Out with my brown sequin top!

Tight Trousers alert!! These wouldn't get near my thighs last year though - you'll have to excuse the charming background shot.