Monday, 19 March 2012

Monday Weigh In

Hello people. I'm sitting here a bit sweaty as just done my Wii dance with wrist weights - do I need to keep adding that? Well just in case you're not a regular reader I always dance with these now. I've put on 2lbs. Yes 2lbs. No surprises if you have seen my photo food diary which took a turn for the worse from Thursday onwards.  See my post on Saturday to explain the downfall.  I am much better today so its all systems go again. I will never give up!  Now 2lbs when you lose it doesn't sound a lot does it? But when you put it on, crikey, it is a lot. The moral of the story is NEVER EVER (in the voice of Jim Belushi from the film About Last Night) moan that you've only lost 2lbs. It is a lot of weight and you sure know about it when you put it on. 

Last week I had a 'sod it' attitude about me.  Now I have come to the conclusion that you can't have a 'sod it' attitude at any point whilst you are overweight.  Its quite liberating at the time but quickly loses its appeal when you hit the scales. Ultimately you do care otherwise you wouldn't be dieting in the first place. 

Another nugget of wisdom I have for you today is to totally ignore anyone else who is losing weight more rapidly than yourself or talks of people starting diets.  Its irrelevant. Only your weight loss matters.  Furthermore upon reaching goal weight it has to be maintained - far more tricky (not that I'd know at this stage of the game) than losing it.

I have 2 weeks before Easter Hols. I found out today the school is on strike (welcome to the 1970's and don't get me started on Muppet Cameron and his cronies looking to privatise the roads) so I'm planning a trip to the farm that day.  Meaning fitting in as much exercise is crucial but not as crucial as getting the food right.  I have been given the thumbs up to run in the Race for Life - my friend said that's okay she'll walk with her mum and co.  We have also decided to have our holiday in the Vendee region of France in August so lots and lots to aim for.

Happy Monday!

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