Monday, 12 March 2012

Monday Weigh In

-1lb.  To be honest it could have been anything this week gain or loss and I would have been okay with it. This is because I feel like I've started my diet again.  The sun is out, spring is just about here and I'm all geared up to get back to basics. The last couple of months I've slacked a bit on the food front which can be seen in my results.  I now have a fitness goal which I spoke of in yesterday's post and I feel the momentum has returned. Like most diets when your clothes start to feel looser and you feel better about yourself, you can slip back into old habits.

I figure the one thing you can truly control in life is what food you put in your mouth - the rest you don't have much control over. 

To get me kick started I have decided to take a picture of everything I eat this week and I'll post them next week.  I remember reading about a bloke who did this for a whole year all in the name of art.  I have no expectations that my pics will be displayed at the Tate Modern or anything like that but it'll certainly make me stop and think and all comments will be very much welcomed on my food intake.

Until next weigh in.... Happy Monday people!


  1. That's an interesting idea - it should be only 21 plates of food right?

  2. It should indeedy - although I have yogurt or banana for breakfast - I was going to post them at the end of the week but think I'll do a daily blog post of what I have consumed! P.s have a post about the PTA and then will get on the growing up one defo this week! x