Monday, 5 March 2012

Monday Weigh In

A big fat zero for my weight loss.  I worked out 6 x last week but it just goes to show that exercise really does only account for 30% of your weight loss.  Losing weight is a simple equasion you have to burn more calories than you consume. That is all.  I have clearly taken in and burned the same amount. By all accounts you have to burn 3,500 calories for every 1 lb of weight loss.

I know exactly how this happened. We had friends around on Saturday and whilst I went for the dry Indian dish (chicken shaslick) I also topped that off with rose wine, onion bhaji, a bit of peshwari naan and the rice etc.  It was a great evening and we hadn't seen our friends for a long while so I'm not going to lose (weight yes I know!) any sleep over it.

I started my March Momentum funnily enough on 1 March by upping my exercise which I will continue to do.  I am confident of a loss next week as sometimes it takes 2 weeks for my body to realise oh she's actually taking this seriously again! I will never give up. No sorry.  The dresses I spoke of last week in my post  Dressgate, as suspected, did not fit.  They are winging their way back to the shop.

I do have a night out Friday and Saturday - Saturday is a buffet but I'm going to eat before we go so I know I'll be okay there. Friday is a quiz night with fish and chips for tea.  I will make sure my calorie count can allow for this during the week and the day itself.

In other musings, yesterday my husband dropped off some trellis he had constructed along with wooden flowers and things (free of charge) for a project at school. The school sits on a hill and is surrounded by a field.  He decided to drive down the field in his new truck to drop off said items.  On the way back up he got stuck (it rained all day yesterday). In hindsight, actually I'd go so far as to say you didn't need hindsight, he realised that this wasn't the best idea he'd had in a long time.  In fact, its something that would be in my locker not his!  So after reversing, a lot of tooing, froing and messing up the field he had to call out a recovery chappie - £120.00 later the truck is released from the school field.

Now no one was more annoyed with themselves than my husband. I emailed the head last night to explain that when he arrived in the morning the school may look a bit abused.  On the way to school I could see all the muddy track marks and tried to tip toe my way in.  Oh the shame of it! Never mind chain saw massacre it was tyre track muddy massacre. I also had to sort out quiz night monies at the office so was able to speak to the head.  I apologised and said how "it looks horrendous" - he said he hadn't seen it. Whilst he scurried away to inspect the damage I could here the caretaker mutter something like "tyre tracks".

Anyway I think my horrendous comment did the trick as he obviously thought it was worse than it was. He told me not to worry that he'd seen far worse. Phew. On my way out I told another mum the whole sorry saga and she said "oh I thought some kids had got in and had been joy riding on quad bikes or something"!

The moral of this story is never ever drive down a school field in forward drive truck in the pissing rain. That is all.


  1. Hey, just keep trucking. It is the tiny things done over a long period that will do the trick. best of luck

  2. Hi Carole thanks for the up lift - I thought I might have got away with Saturday but sadly no! I know some people will think what's she doing having an indian etc but I'm trying to change my habits for life and I know that I will always want to join in with such evenings. I have changed a lot of my eating habits over the last year - before if I knew we were eating out/take-away I used to eat rubbish for the whole day with the attitude that I was eating lots in the evening - yes really! I also would have eaten the creamy dish and really gone for it. I am much more restrained and if I know I've got a meal I try and plan that into my week. I agree it is all the little things over a long period. Thanks again. x

  3. This is the full story behind the tweet - bless him when he was trying to do a good deed.

    Your head sounds lovely.

    Sorry about the dresses and you sound like you have a plan with the chips and the buffet


  4. yes he is a love - I have a plan with the chips will it pay off though? x

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