Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Gina, Gina, Gina

Yes I think we can even use her first name now (much like Nigella but without the love and home cooking) - what have you gone and said now? Judging by the raging tweets I've seen this morning, the vast majority of women are very angry at her latest bit of advice.  I haven't read the article - see I don't read a lot that spouts from Gina's mouth but, in summary, she's saying jump back into the sack 4 weeks after giving birth.  I am also assuming she's saying once you've been given the physical green light.

Now I personally think this woman is a genius. Wait for it before you start pelting eggs at me - not about anything she has written but come on ladies anyone that comes up with the title "The contented little baby book" was always going to be raking it in. I mean the pages might as well be blank and still first time mums the country over would be snapping it up. What? A manual that makes a newborn sleep through the night?  So hats off to her for the title. Genius.

Having said this I don't like Gina.  I have never quite forgiven her for scaring the shit out of me whilst I was pregnant with my first. I read through her book - it read like some fucking drill Sargent's timetable but only he had a baby to look after during boot camp.  I looked up from the book and wailed to my now husband "our life is over"!  On one page it talked about not giving the baby eye contact (even now, as a joke, we say "don't look at him!") and the worse bit was "now you can have your dinner" which was by the 8pm schedule slot.  Oh and the small matter that she's considered to be some guru but has not actually given birth. But then who are the Muppet's here? Gina or the women that still line her pockets.  Maybe this is another way to re-ignite book sales.

Let me spell this out very clearly so I don't get a barrage of abuse - if you have been given the green light for sex i.e you are not sore, you are ready physically and the doctor said you're good to go, then why not take the plunge and have sex with your partner?  So on this rare occasion I actually agree.   Yes you may not feel like it but get back in the saddle that's what I say.  By the end you'll be glad you did and feel much closer to your partner at a time when you can both feel very isolated.

No one is saying do something you don't want to but by the same token I think you have to look at the bigger picture. I know of so many women who say they rarely have sex with their husbands post children. I think its tragic. There are numerous health benefits both mentally and physically and I believe the most important is the closeness you feel to your partner.  I think some men have a right to feel aggrieved that his lady was all up for it pre kids but as soon as they came along his services were no longer required (only if she wanted another one). They may even have a case for mis-selling don't you think?  If you are not having sex with your partner - its just a friendship with child care is it not?

You may feel tired but sex is worth putting in some effort. Its really not that hard (excuse the pun) and, wait for it, is actually pleasurable (unless he's crap then it won't be). If you're not too tired for facebook, twitter and reading on the laptop then you're not too tired to have sex. I don't want to start sounding like some poncey sexpert but it doesn't have to happen at night - they do nap in the day.

Dive straight in because before you know it 4 weeks could turn into 4 years of very infrequent sex and that, my friends, is quite frankly pants!


  1. I heard this on the news this morning and thought then she's like the Jeremy Kyle of baby rearing. Sensationalist nonsense. They say no publicity is bad publicity and she is simply the Jeremy Clarkson of babyhood.
    The sad thing is that hearing that she, 'woman of knowledge' is saying this, pressure will inevitably be put on some women to get jiggy before they are ready.
    And I say that as a lady who was back in the saddle within a fortnight of my children being born...

  2. Very true - I've just read a bit of the article and it comes off the back of a new bloody book! Who is buying her book? Please stop! Maybe we should have a campaign - please don't line the pockets of Gina Ford. Ultimately people should please themselves - its down to you at the end of the day. Personally I would agree about getting back into the swing of things but then I'm a sex maniac (I'm joking!)- I had 3 c-sections so was still sore but in the tummy region. Liking the saddle after 2 weeks but then you are a badass mama - 8 kids is that correct?! You're never out the frigging saddle women! x

  3. I'd like to see her (gina) have a 14lb baby and come back with something smart like that rubbish.

    All three of my babies were HUGE and I tore from one end to another... it took 3months for my two to heal and 6 months for my 3rd (with repeated stitch tearing, bleeding etc)

    If MrC had winked at me at 2 weeks I'd have killed him.

  4. Hiya, loving your blog, I am not quite a 70's baby, 1969 actually, but I bet we were raised (foodie-wise) much the same lol. Anyway, as to this post, you know what I was thinking? When I feel pressurised into anything its the surest way to put me RIGHT off the idea. If I am told I cant do something, shouldn't do it, have to wait until past 6 weeks............well sure as fate I will sneak a naughty one in early, because its more fun being naughty. I guess Gina didn't think of that one, they should probably move the date to 12 weeks lol.

  5. Liz - that sounds horrendous - I'm not surprised you would have killed him - you have certainly taken not 1 but 3 for the team! Valerice thank you - am very flattered my hubbie is a 1964'er. I'm going to write about his diet in the 70's the only time he was fat as a young lad 15. Have you heard of Charles Atlas - well neither had I watch this space. Couldn't agree more when someones says no you can't help yourself. We don't like being told what to do and Gina does a lot. xx