Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Super Trouper

The deed has been done. I've pur-chased the Abba Wii dance.  I don't ordinarily buy stuff from shops - you know my thoughts on internet shopping (there's no other way to shop) but it so happened that it caught my eye whilst I was darting through Sainsbury's today.  I threw it in my basket without a second thought.

My battery was dead AGAIN today.  Damm you Kia Sedona - you sound all exotic but if you were a holiday destination you would be Benidorm not the Maldives or somewhere equally beautiful.  So I thought I'll take the bus. I live on the bus route. No - I mean I literally live on the bus route. So with buddy most unimpressed with having to take another trip out in the cold I dug out my oyster card.  It worked - I have no idea how much is on the thing (I don't often use the bus - only occasionally as a treat for the kids they love it up to the high street and back) the green light came up that's all that matters!

Its snowing mildly at this point. My boys don't do the cold - my daughter is made of much sterner stuff and loves it.  My to do list was in order of the location of the shops. Yes I am that anal.  I have to be when you have a toddler you know you have max 1 hour 30 minutes to complete your mission. I did it all within the hour including bus journey (which is 5 mins in fairness). 

I dropped in my engagement ring which now needs to be made bigger to accommodate my eternity and wedding ring.  The old boy must think here comes that Muppet again!  Or maybe just chi ching bling bling and all that. 

Anyway, last stop was Sainsbury's and that's where Abba came into my day.  I also saw one of the mum's from pre-school and her weekly shop came to £175! I was listening and watching. There wasn't anything spectacular going into the shopping trolley.  Maybe she's got stacks of cash.  I really wanted to say to her listen luv you could have got all that for less than half if you just walked a few yards to Aldi. 

To cut a long story which should be far shorter as I'm going up for a bath - the kids put on Abba to have a go tonight and this song came on.  I used to love this song (1980 I believe) its probably my favourite Abba track and I'm not an Abba groupie or anything but I just know I'm going to enjoy dancing to this.


  1. Love the Crawley stories and anecdotes on Gatwick, we used to hang out there a lot too. My cupcake comment was a clanger! Sorry luv. Xxx

  2. Don't be daft it was funny! They were perfect and my cupcakes are piss poor hence the reason for buying them! txx