Monday, 6 February 2012

Strike a Pose..

... there's nothing to it said Madonna.  I have been toying with the idea of having some professional snaps done once I've reached my goal weight and given that I'm still on the right side of 40.  I do like to move the goal posts - when I'm into my 40's I'll be saying I'm on the right side of 45 - it will continue like this for many years to come.

I really like the work of this lady she does an 'intimately yours' range of photography- in short stripping down to your undies or just plain stripping down.  Whilst I have little doubt the pictures (because of the photographer not me the model) would be great - I've never been that partial to the professional snap.  Even our family portrait (pre buddy) is a Pop Art, Andy Warhol inspired picture of us - its my profile pic on this blog.  Although these days portraits are 'natural' I still find them a bit contrived.   Albeit a 'natural' contrived photo.

Do you remember the little leaflets you used to get in magazines for a make over photo shoot? The picture of the heavily made up lady with a feather boa around her neck. Her face all misty and fuzzy - there's no need for that now we have airbrushing. I know make over shoots have come a long way since the one I have just described but what would I do with the photos afterwards?  As I age would I think "oh look at me" - cue depression or would be glad I was captured at a certain juncture in my life?  I'm not, by and large, a vain person. Some people have them done and you think christ you look nothing like that! You know the facebook profile picture and then you see the person in the cold light of day.  I've done a few double takes with certain people I can tell you!
Or maybe I should just do it for a bit of fun and not think too much about it.  It would be a celebration of my weight loss and fitness journey. 

I do have lots of photos.  I like to do my own collages and have lots of them in the downstairs loo.  My children have their whole lives caught on camera and video - I wonder how they will feel about this when they're older.  Will they think its weird that anyone born pre 1990 didn't have a photo taken of  them for almost every occasion no matter how big or small.  I don't think I've ever seen a picture of me before the age of 3 - people just didn't take pictures back then like we do now. 

So something to consider. Now then where's my feather boa......

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