Friday, 17 February 2012


You decide. I finally got to sleep at 2 am last night so have no energy to exercise and blog at the moment.  Hopefully normal service will resume tomorrow.  So in the meantime, here are my before fat, at fattest, fat and reduced fat pictures.  Let me know if you feel my nearly 20lbs weight loss has made any impact when I started my diet at 14 stone 5lbs. 

All honest comments welcome - I can take it - I'm 38 and a big (in every sense of the word!) girl!!
Getting Married 2009

On honeymoon in Paris July 2009 - Tour de France yay! - 12 stone 7 ish pounds

April 2010 - 2 weeks to go 18 stone 7 lbs!

3 Months after giving birth - this pic is so horrendous I am traumatised as I am typing! - 16 stone 7 lbs

August 2011 - 14 stone 5 lbs (but don't look much difference from the 16 stone 7lbs)

I wanted to put this pic here as I think there is a big different between the length and how far stretch out this dress is! August 2103 
Christmas 2011 - 13 stone 6 lbs
A recent helmet wearing one!

More up-to-date pics are on the 'about me' page but here are some in any event 

November 2013 - 40th Birthday VEGAS!

November 2013

November 2013 


  1. You are definitely coming back to your old self. It's scary how much we can put on in such a short space of time. Good luck with the final stone (or even 1 1/2st). You are my inspiration atm. I cannot believe you also had that exact same conversation with your mum that I had countless times: I'm hungry...have a piec of can't be that hungry then. Maybe we're secret cousins and our mums are estranged sisters?

  2. Hi thank you! I must admit its given me a bit of a spur to get my arse into gear the last 2 weeks have been difficult for me re lack of sleep and what not. I put on more with my 3rd than I did with my other two - I should have know better but it did feel very liberating at the time! I would have a cake most days, baguette with prawn mayo and cheese balls and then a small dinner. Which as my husband pointed out no wonder given the amount I'd eaten in the day! Yep my mum said that all the time and I say it to my kids after school they have a piece of fruit mon - thur and on Friday they're aloud a biscuit as I figure they only have 1 hour and a half to wait till dinner adn we never got a snack when we got home from school!! xx

  3. sorry re teh spelling allowed and known!

  4. I think you look fab! It's just life's journey that makes our bodies fluctuate.

    Especially sexy in the Christmas 2011 one ;)

  5. Awww thanks Ruth - still got a long way to go - hadn't looked at this post for a while but people look at my weight loss to date page so thought I'd link it so they can have a gawp! It is very true lifes journey and all that!! xx

  6. How have I missed this until now? and now I now what you look like, fab! Mich x

    1. hello! Well thank you - I don't know I put it in with the weight loss to date - maybe I should put another page with this somewhere - any recommendations! xx

    2. Ok Dunno half of what you're on about 1) cos I'm too old or 2) cos I'm too old to care? But hell that Natasha looks like a stalky wench ;-)...hey ok wife to I get a cake now...WTF? Yeah ok who the Freak are yow? LMAO

    3. possibly my best comment ever!