Monday, 20 February 2012

Post half term weigh in..

...aka Monday weigh in.  Well I breathed a sigh of relief this morning with a 'maintain',  a 'stayed the same'.  Now I appreciate that I am on a diet before you all start yelling "you're meant to lose weight get your shit together" but for me and on the back of a half term holiday this is pretty darn good.

As I mentioned earlier in the week I had a frazzle attack (see post which I called, funnily enough, Frazzle Attack!), husband was ill in bed with his back from Saturday - Thursday and I was alone in the evening cue picking at stuff that's not on my 1970's diet.  I also only managed to do a feeble bit of exercise after I booted the kids off the x-box and their now beloved Skylanders game.

One great thing though is I'm raring to go again. I had lost my mojo the last couple of weeks what with my friend's breast cancer news and my husbands back condition.  I am a worry eater. I'm just happy I didn't lose the plot completely.  Oh and the small matter of the little fella up 3/ 4 x a night last week. It really does have a huge impact on my desire and energy levels but I'm going to have to deal with this and make sure, no matter how tired I am, to exercise.  I know exercise only accounts for 30% of your weight loss but it also puts me in the correct mind set. After doing exercise I always think why would I want to eat something I shouldn't and undo all my hard work?

I also have a few new goals I've set myself.  I want to be 12 stone dead by the end of March I think that this is achievable.  I want to do a 'race for life' in May even though I've never ran before and always cringe at the sight of all the ladies in their pink wings and stuff.  There is a school quiz night in a few weeks time, a 60th birthday party on 10th March and my husbands birthday at the end of March. It would be nice to wear something new and that fits nicely.

I'm off to clean the house now and am raring to go. Happy Monday people!


  1. Good Luck! You may want to link this up to MUMenTUM at New Mum Online - or you may not. I'm also aiming for 12st very soon.

  2. Thank you - I'll have a look - you can join me then!