Monday, 6 February 2012

Monday Weigh In..

-2lb.  I've lost 1st 5 lbs (19lbs) since the last week of October. So I'm 13 stone so close so close to being in the 12's which I'm very excited about.  I did bring it back from the brink last week as what with the cold I didn't really feel like exercising but I did on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday and felt so much better for it.  I'd gone a week prior to that without any as hadn't been feeling great.

Food wise I can still do better and be stricter.  I know that a lot of people would lose this weight a lot quicker but to be honest I couldn't care less. I'm only interested in my weight loss journey.  Only recently someone posted on Facebook that they had lost a stone in 2 weeks by using diet pills and was raving about them.  I can honestly say I would rather be fat than take diet pills, drink slim fast shakes, detox plans or anything of that nature. Its not healthy or sustainable and I have no interest in it whatsoever.  Once people stop any radical diet they put the weight straight back on. 

I do set myself mini-goals I did plan on being in the 12's mid January. But I don't get over disappointed I won't stop until I reach my limit.  Ideally I would have liked that to be Spring but it doesn't matter if its Summer or even if it takes me till October to get to 10 stone 5 lbs.

I had a rough night with the little fella he threw up again (over hubster too!) in the night after not being able to breathe at all well - like an asthma attack.  He eventually started to breath normally after an hour and slept with us for a bit before I put him back in his cot.  I think the room in his bedroom was too warm - the central heating has been on until we go to bed we need to switch it off at 8pm like we normally do. We have a fire for the front room for the evening.

So plans for this week are to continue improving with being strict with no chocolate, biscuits, cakes, crips.  I also plan on being hungry between each meal.


  1. Wahoo! You go lady!!

  2. lol -thank you Emma - don't feel like I have lost weight suppose the next stone will start making me look different! tx