Monday, 27 February 2012

Monday Weigh In..

...sorry its late but I have made a deal with myself that all exercise and household matters will be done prior to any blog posts. So .....drum roll please.....1lb off!! Now I know this will not win me The Biggest Loser title anytime soon but it does mean, ladies and gentleman, that I'm in the 12 stone region. Finally! I am pleased with this small loss as I only managed to do one workout last week as I was merrily preparing my daughter's birthday cake.

I did have a slip up on my no 'C's rule though. On Sunday after we had returned from the Build-A-Bear Workshop party (and McDonald's lunch) my step-daughter, kids, and I congratulated ourselves on a thoroughly enjoyable party by eating some cake!  I totally forgot my lent promise so was pretty annoyed when I remembered later on. I've never given up anything for lent before (as only recently started to believe in the good man upstairs) so unsure as to my penance.  Anyway, let us never speak of it again and continue with the no 'C' rule as before. I won't tell if you won't.

So what of the Build-A-Bear party?  I was reliably informed that this was the party of all parties and that my daughter would love it.  I am glad to say she was right.  I was a bit sceptical that it would be Build-A-Bear and bend over whilst we shaft you for an obscene amount of money. I am pleased to say it was fluff well spent. I was a Build A Bear virgin prior to this party. I had never before taken the kids into this store . We don't tend to go shopping with the kids in tow (as you know most things get delivered to this house) and tend to do walks in woods etc at the weekend.  So my friend, lets call her the BABG (Build a Bear Groupie) for short, had explained the whole process.

Her eyes lit up upon entry to the workshop, she knew the bears, she knew the outfits "we have a whole box of them at home". She is one hard core BABG. I'm pretty sure she would have given it all up (being a stay at home mum) if they asked her to work there yesterday. Her excitement and enthusiasm for the place was contagious and I have to say I might well be joining her and becoming a BABG myself.  She just about tore herself away to do some much needed shopping and was gutted (I mean gutted!) she'd missed the Pawlett Mascot (aka someone dressed up as rabbit for 15 mins for the price of £20).  I thought what the hell in for a penny and all that.

I sneaked an outfit for my daughter's bear whilst my friend bagged some seats at McDonald's for phase two. I didn't steal it just made sure the other children didn't see as I had decided outfits on top would have been a bend over party. So chicken nuggets all round followed by the cake cutting. I was a bit nervous about this aspect of the party as there have been stabbings in the town centre. I did feel that if this happened whilst the kids were happily eating their lunch, surrounded by the bears all packed in lovely boxes together with their certificates, this may put a slight dampener on the celebrations.

As it was no such incidents occurred - it was lovely and went without a hitch.  In any event, I was "tooled up" I explained to two of the mums whilst waving my large cake cutting knife - no need to worry!


  1. Yay!!! Great news about being in the 12s!! Well done. The party sounds great too. Xx

  2. Thanks just gotta keep up with the exercise this week as was lacking last - yes would so recommend it you know who would love it!!