Monday, 13 February 2012

Monday Weigh in..

..and no surprise - well actually it is a surprise as I could have easily put on this week.  I've stayed the same weight.  I loosely followed my diet this week and I mean loosely - as free and easy as Denise Welch from the daytime yawn that is Loose Women.  The cupcakes that I enjoyed with my friend on Thursday were the beginning of my descent into free style dieting (it doesn't work by the way).  Then my husbands back injury Saturday just about sealed the deal in the no weight loss this week.  I need to give myself a short sharp slap as the reason I started this diet was when I put on 5lbs (having stayed the same weight for the best part of a year) when the husband was off work sick for 3 weeks.  I do not want a repeat performance. He is still in bed by the way and I reckon will be for most of the week.

He has joked to get myself some roses from Aldi when I do the shop tomorrow - I have to mention at this point my husband is a hard Northern type. For my overseas visitors this means he hails from the North of England although he is Scottish as his parents were - clear - good. Nothing much stops him working his nuts off at home or at work.  He really has no off button so when he's sick he's properly sick.  I mean he eats chicken curry out of a tin for goodness sake. That's how proper tough he is. He says eating a tuna sandwich or having melon is "middle class". You get the picture.

So the reason for my 'maintain' as they call it in the slimming clubs (and I dont' want to see another one of those for as long as I live) was that I was unable to keep my feelings of worry and tiredness separate from my diet.  This is something that I need to address and pretty pronto. Ordinarily I could have done the exercise to keep the worry and stress at bay but enter my constant companion of tiredness this meant I had little energy to do so.

So today I am an angry woman. My angry barometer is right up there. I am in bad form.  I've been snappy and Sargent Majorish with the kids "get it tidied" I've yelled quite a few times this morning.  Little buddy is also getting the brunt as he is intent on messing everything up as I go. For example as I'm cleaning the floors he's right behind me in my daughter's snow boots leaving some more marks to clean up.  I'm pretty sure he would answer to being called any of the following names. "leave it", "not in there" "out of there" "no" "careful" or "come away".  In fact, his real name, not buddy, is rarely used.

The only thing that can save us all from this dismal day is a man arriving at our door with a package from Amazon containing the Skylanders starter kit.  A bit like Santa at Xmas we have tracked the parcel as being in our local area at 8.00 am this morning. So where are you... you are our only hope...

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