Saturday, 4 February 2012

I'm back

Back into the groove with the exercise.  I think I  went a week without exercising (I'd have to check my log) but it wasn't much I know that.  I was a bit poorly and other things cropped up etc.  But this week I did the Wii dance without weights which I found easy - I had anticipated that it would be hard work but I was glad to see my fitness levels didn't deplete after going AWOL with the exercise. 

Its easier to sit and eat comfort food in this weather isn't it?  But its not that difficult to go upstairs put on your workout gear, head back downstairs and start dancing.  I'm lecturing myself here by the way! Whilst its easy to get out of the habit of exercising its also very easy to get back into it. You just have to keep reminding yourself that Spring (and April in this country seems to be the hottest month for some reason - we've had a few shit summers I can tell you) is only around the corner. You'll be able to take your winter coat off and display the new you.

I've just done the Wii dance with my wrist weights and feel great.  I think this weather is the perfect weather to exercise. I mean if we ever have a hot summer we'll all be moaning that its too hot to do anything won't we.  Most people have exercise dvd's, a wii or an x-box - it sure keeps you warm and you can even turn the heating off. I had no sleep last night - I 'slept' with the little fella as he's a bit poorly with a cold and what not. I don't know what it is with me and no sleep but the next day I have so much energy. I had an early hairdressers appointment (9.15), cooked the hubster his bacon and eggs, cleared up, made the kids 'retro' cup cakes (that's what I'm calling the ones with icing sugar and sprinkles).

Right I'm off for a shower and to sort out the mess that my son has created by attempting to do his 'gross science' on my kitchen table!

Have a wonderful Saturday night!

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