Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Frazzle Attack!

Not recommended for any diet - avoid at all costs
Well I would be no good as an Army wife that's for sure.  He would return from his tour of duty to be greeted by a big fat lard arse waiting to be serviced. Now, if I were a bloke, I'm pretty sure the Frazzle's would not have got a look in.  No, 'in private browsing' would have been my first port of call.  Have you seen the advert letting the fellas know about this function on the computer?  Well if you haven't its comical.  In the advert, to promote the wanking function, he is looking for a present to buy his wife! He's using the function so she won't stumble upon her surprise present in 'browsing history'. Oh what a thoughtful fella he is.

He is not using it for, like every other bloke, to have a wank when you are out of the picture. This function was designed for and primarily used by men. We know it. They know it. It is what it is. I always chuckle when the subject of "I've just discovered my other half watches porn - what do you think?" crops up on the mum sites. I think he forgot to switch on the 'in private browsing' function is what I think.

But I'm not a bloke so I succumbed to my equivalent - Frazzles.  They really are junk and probably should be banned and I'm not quite sure where and when my Frazzle fetish started.  They're not going to make me god like - today someone came across my blog by putting in "having a fetish will make you god like"!  Erm no it just makes you a bit kinky and you're probably of an upper class persuasion.

After eating the Aldi brand version of the Frazzle (don't get the Co-operative or Sainsbury's versions they just aren't up to scratch) I felt sick, bad and dirty all at once and went to bed feeling Frazzle violated.

However, it did get me thinking about my blog and twitter.  I'm going to make sure I do any exercise prior to writing blog posts and limit my exposure to twitter.  I really don't want my kids, earliest memory of me, to be of my head bowed down scrolling through my phone looking at things that are, in real terms, pretty insignificant.  I only started this blog to lose weight and will finish blogging once my work here is done. Less talking and more doing #justsayin.

So today we had a lovely morning. We went to the dentist and were seen early - it was empty so patients missed buddy screaming his head off whilst I was in the chair. Thankfully nothing needed to be done and the "ticking time bomb of fillings" seems to have stopped at the same time I gave up 'diet' drinks. It strips the enamel off your teeth you see.

We went to WH Smith (where I purchased my first ever 7 inch record D.I.S.C.O at age 7) and the kids picked out 3 books for the price of 2. We then went into KFC, a special treat, we don't frequent these places that often.  I'm not snobby about them they just freak me out in the same way Ikea does.

The menus are so confusing - meal deals, super size options, combos, etc etc.  There's no time to read the bloody things properly because the professional meal dealers are breathing down your neck. They know all the meal deal options - they are the pros after all.  When I had finally got to grips with with the menu, I sat down to see a giant poster, saying I could have had practically everything in the restaurant for £13 in a bucket. As it was I spent that on our little kiddie meals and my sandwich. See I'm no good in these places.

Again the place was empty - although I had the chicken sandwich type thing I will be having tinned soup tonight.  Its not something I normally eat but I am realistic in that I will always be joining in on these occasions. The Biggest Loser workout has been completed and will be tomorrow. I will lose weight this week if it kills me.

Finally, to top off our day, Skylanders has just arrived!


  1. I don't want Aaron to always see me on Twitter or on the blog either.
    Well said that woman

  2. Hi Liska - yes time will tell won't it when they pipe up mum you were always looking at your laptop. I have to impose time limits and really what would I be missing?! Not a lot really! x

  3. The beauty of the kids being at school now but still being young enough to be in bed by about 7.30pm, means they rarely see me on the laptop - long may it last! You are right thouhg, twitter can be a toxic place at times - perspective is valuable.

    Good luck with the weight loss this week. Mich x

  4. very true - my youngest is nearly 2 so still at home and I do try and do a quick 30min blog post when he's asleep in the day and limit looking at my phone constantly. Also the computer is switched on ready to go all day so it can be very tempting. Thanks re the weight loss hoping to be in the 12's tomorrow! x

  5. tough one but blogging is something I enjoy doing for me in my own right, but agree need to balance it for the sake of not being seen as a distracted mummy!

  6. I enjoy it too and it can be a bit time consuming if you let it. I think the phones are the worse and the habit of always looking it at to check facebook etc. So try to minimise that x

  7. Ah, kids.
    As for Frazzles, only trademarked Frazzles will do I'm afraid. Everything else should just be called Salties.

    1. I haven't had the real thing in a while! I have to say the Aldi version is very good though but then I would say that as I am an Aldi lover! x

  8. The 1970s-era Frazzles were to be feared. The workers at the plant used to regularly urinate and um... shit in the mix. I'm sure CCTV has put an end to such evil nowadays.

    1. Maybe that's why they taste soooo good?!