Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Welcome back hunger its been a while

Although now I'm in the company of every other person in the land embarking on their New Year's diet. Amateurs I tell thee! The Mars Bar (the short straw of the selection box in my opinion) will look mighty tempting to these suckers by mid January and I can bid them and every advert and newspaper supplement a not so fond farewell. 

Yes as I type I'm getting that lovely reassuring sensation of hunger. I've experienced this pretty much everyday since October bar my two week freestyle in December. I'm back.  Wii dance over 4,000 sweat points completed - check.  Series link on all manner of fat programmes - check.  Tape measure out - check.

Now I haven't put my stats on here (my physical ones that is) and think maybe a page needs to be added so I can check my measurements on a monthly basis - what do you think? 

I also need to re-cap on the mantra that is The 1970's Diet - there were no snacks, no endless supply of nibbles to gorge on late into the evening.  The take-away man did not turn up on your doorstep bearing culinary delights in exchange for bank notes.  You felt properly hungry between meals and most importantly YOU WEREN'T FAT!!

Oh and another thing along with my cheese fetish, Frazzles have been banned from entering my mouth. They are my Achilles heel and as my husband said the other day "are processed crap". Tasty processed crap I might add but they are a horrendous amount of calories and fat.  In the grand scheme of things they're really not worth it and I am.

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