Saturday, 21 January 2012

Reasons to not exercise 1,2, 3....

In the style of Ian Dury's 1979 hit "Reason to be cheerful" - Here are the reasons I have only done 2 workouts this week.  As you know I always try and make time for at least 4 workouts a week but this week it was impossible.

1. Creation of the 'Clone Pilot cake (see below) for my son's 8th birthday party - this was tres difficile and one of those cakes where I think buying a ready made one from Sainsbury's becomes highly appealing.  I know I will never be able to do this (see my its all your fault Sara Lee blog post) 2. A day of the boiler man installing a new one (think he may have felt violated if he'd seem me dying to the Biggest Loser or prancing to Wii dance 3 and 3.  Ironing overload - this is nothing more to say about this other than I do iron our tea towells and bed linen.

I also haven't kept my food diary up-to-date much this week - will try and back date now.  I have come to the conclusion that if I can't remember what I've had then I've had too much.  I think that's a good way of thinking. Its Chinese take-away tonight and I will hold off on the prawn crackers and try and go as healthy as poss.  A much needed workout will happen tomorrow as weigh in Monday. See you then!

'Clone Pilot Cake' - it was tortue that's all I have to say about this one!

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