Monday, 30 January 2012

Monday Weigh In

-1lb.  So not quite the dizzy heights of getting into the 12's by the end of January but I'm 3lbs away from that so am not too disappointed.  I was going great guns up until Wednesday with exercise and what not and then I had an awful weekend of not feeling well and I didn't eat particularly well - hot cross buns featured as did a bit of chocolate and then I had no energy to cook a roast on Sunday so a pizza was ordered aptly named "the Fat one".

Thank goodness January is nearly over and done with that's all I can say.  I am looking forward to February feels like a new start. Although its meant to be getting a lot colder and as I always say February is colder than January. 

I need to crack on and get back the cast iron focus I had when I started this diet at the end of October last year.  I need to remind myself that whilst I can do my size 14 jeans up I have, never mind a muffin top going over it, a whole bloody bakery thing going on.  I was also looking at our family holiday photos which I was putting into albums this week and whilst I do look slimmer I could do with looking a lot more slimmer. 

The exercise side of things is important but it only accounts for 30% of weight loss - the main way to lose weight is via the food and drink we eat. I need to concentrate on portion sizes for my dinner and make sure they are the same as the kids and be strict about writing everything down. 

Right I'm off to do the cleaning.  Have a great Monday if that's possible!

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