Monday, 23 January 2012

Monday Weigh In

Zero. Nothing. Zilch. Shocking? I think not. Buttercream and birthday cake with only 2 workouts and a Chinese weren't going to do anything for my weight loss this week. 

So as I said yesterday I have no distractions this week and I've set myself a goal of working out 7 times as punishment for the fact I have only lost my Xmas weight in the month of January.  I want to end the month on a high and stop any doubters who think that I won't succeed. I will. Bob says so. During my workout and I quote "you'll be the bigger loser in no time" and "you've got nothing but success coming your way"!

So today its cleaning day - whole house. I will do my Wii dance and the Biggest Loser when buddy goes for a sleep. Given that he was up at 6.30 am that's fairly likely as we've just come back from the school run with him scootering the whole way.

Be back soon.

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