Monday, 23 January 2012


I love the film Meet the Fockers (I love films in general) and I could watch Ben Stiller in anything - his face makes me laugh before he's even started.  And as for Robert De Niro the man can do no wrong in my book.  Anyhow this scene sums up my dinner lady rage today.  These words are applicable to said dinner lady - I will bring you down, I will bring you down to China Town!

Having returned back home from the school run - I don't know why its called this as no one runs and certainly not the late ones.  They just casually meander to the school - no sense of shame, no sense of urgency with not a care in the world.  I don't get these parents. The time for the start and finish of school does not change. No sorry. It remains fixed. Its constant.  It is the same time throughout the year. The whistle goes at 8.55 am - your child gets released at 3.15 pm.  Simple. 

So knowing this, knowing this complicated formula they are, without fail, late every day.  I really want to grab the parent by the shoulders and say "how bloody difficult is it to get your shit together"! I wouldn't mind but its normally the person with a single child to take care of. They don't have a newborn, baby, toddler and more in tow - they have ONE child to get up, feed, get themselves sorted and get to school on time.  They simply cannot manage it.  No one is that busy - get your shit together and stop humiliating your child.  If you are a regular offender sort it out because 20 years from now that child is going to pipe up "the only memory I have of primary school is we were always late, everyday".  Now if I've made you feel guilty then good.  Its disgraceful.

Anyway, I digress my daughter starts wailing that I'm not to put an apple and yogurt in her lunch box as it takes too long to eat.  Upon further cross examination she explains that a certain dinner lady makes her eat all her lunch - if she doesn't she's not allowed out to play. In particular all of the apple had to be eaten. Well cue blood boiling rapidly. I mean I can go from 0-60 in less than a second.  How very dare she. Who is she to stand over my daughter giving out orders because her life is so insignificant she gets a power trip out of bullying 5 year olds. 

This same dinner lady only last year said my son was not to play with his best friend during lunch time - ever!  My son is a well behaved, quiet individual and he was most upset about this.  Naturally I had a word and this ban was lifted.  It doesn't bode well that another mum said "oh let me guess was it X"? So it appears she has a reputation for his kind of thing.  Well my friends - this will be rectified tomorrow. If my daughter doesn't want to eat any of her lunch then that's her prerogative - she will have to manage 3 hours being hungry if she chooses to do that.  She won't starve.

So tomorrow I am going down to China town.


  1. good for you! bloody cheek of the woman! And I agree, always feel so sorry for the little ones left abandoned with teacher as everyone else is greeted my mum.They must feel so unloved!

  2. Hi, thank you - I spoke with the teacher this morning and she was disgusted and it appears I am not the first to complain about her. I don't court confrontation but equally I won't shy away from it especially where my children are concerned! Its a good school and I am confident she will be dealt with. Yes I feel sorry for the little ones too wondering where the mum/dad is!

  3. Great post, glad to know it is being sorted out. I remember one dinner lady at school who was a right bully, apparently the tradition remains!

  4. Yep I smacked the bitch down - only kidding but her card has been marked! Natashax

  5. We have a terrorist dinner lady too - known for making teaching staff cry as frequently as the children - where do they come from???

  6. lol making teachers cry! Wow! Never heard of that one - she still makes the other kids eat up by all accounts but not my girl - I told another dinner lady that I know that her card has been marked and not to cross me again! x