Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Hankerings for a Teasmaid

I know its wrong. So, so wrong on many levels.  Not least for the fact I'm only 38 (young in teasmaid terms) and have an active sex life.  Sorry don't mean to brag or anything but I am married, we both fancy each other and whilst it has become the acceptable norm (how did that happen?) to not have sex in a relationship or very infrequently - I figure what's the point if you're not getting jiggy with it?  You might as well be mates sharing chores, childcare and the like. It is one of the many pleasures in life - its good for the soul and puts a spring in your step.

So with that in mind why oh why does the teasmaid pop into my head from time to time? I think it might have something to do with my kitchen gadget fetish.  I nearly wet myself (without a nappy - see previous 'wee' blog post) when a cream Kitchen Aid mixer turned up on my doorstep. I happened to mention to the hubster that I had always wanted one and the little treasure made my dreams (they are modest and achievable no point reaching for the unobtainable is there) come true. Its been sitting proudly on my kitchen worktop for a few years now. 

1970's teasmaid just like my nan and grandad's

Or maybe its because my lovely nan and grandad had one. I have fond memories of sleeping over and in the morning I would pop into their bedroom. The pair of them would be sitting up drinking tea from the teasmaid which sat nicely on the bedside table. A picture of happiness and contentment.

I did put on my facebook status "is it wrong to hanker after a teasmaid" to which, amongst the cries of you sad freak!, the resounding answer was YES!  How old are you 60?  My husband said that's the equivalent of getting a telly in the bedroom - the death of any sexual relationship. Besides my husband doesn't drink tea - never has - he's a coffee man. 

Maybe its just the whole fantasy idea of having a lazy lie in - the notion of sitting in bed with no where to go drinking a cup of tea.  I don't even like eating or drinking in bed.  I'm not a sitting in my dressing gown kind of gal. Once I'm up I want to get showered and dressed.  I've been on a few spa days and whilst relaxing I do find the whole walking around in a dressing gown a bit weird and like getting dressed at the end. 

So my now not so secret hankering for a teasmaid will have to remain at bay for quite a few years yet.

A modern day teasmaid


  1. My current favourite kitchen gadget is a jar key

  2. I need one of those I'm very limp wristed so I'm told! x

  3. I got my teasmaid when I was 18! Basically coz I wanted a cup of tea in the morning but was too lazy to go and make one! I don't think a teasmaid is for old people!

    1. Wow that's young! I aim to have one by the time I'm 60! Thanks for commenting x