Friday, 27 January 2012

General Chit Chat

Well I normally blog about something that has got my goat, something 70's related or something that just tickles my fancy. Today I thought I'd do a bit of banal chit chat.  Well today I won a book! Yay, can't remember the last time I won something so this was most pleasing and was one of the book competitions that mumsnet bloggers were doing.  I have no idea when I will read it but read it I will.

I had a rough old night last night. Its always the way when I say to people that little buddy (that's not his real name in case you were wondering) has been sleeping really well of late.  Cue up quite a bit - he has all his teeth bar the 4 back ones and since November they flare up then go down but don't actually poke through. I am assuming its them again as one was quite raised so I was up and down like jack in a box and eventually got to sleep about 3 am I think.

I'm no good in the mornings and especially after a night like that.  But for some strange reason when I've had a rough night I can't stop getting on with things.  You'd think I'd want to have a sleep now but I'm like a woman on a mission. Who needs speed when you can have a 20 month old with an irregular sleeping pattern that's what I say.

So after doing the school run with little buddy on his scooter (he's very good and clever for his age don't you know!) I decided to tackle part of what's been bugging me in the house. Like the fact its "ride on city" as one friend observed. Yes it bloody well is. I've already got a massive bruise from when I crashed into the metal spitfire that is currently taking up all of my kitchen. Then there's the normal ride on, the motorised scooter in the study and a tractor with trailer. So the trailer has been relegated to the shed. 

The crusty old high chair (he's now in a booster at the table number) is out in the yard area together with old duvets and pillows.  I also got rid of the rubbish in the car. Sorted the re-cycling, hoovered, put washing in, sorted out clothes for the recycling and the little toy bits that drive me mental that no one plays with but just end up hanging around. Basically if I were a song right now it would be Kasabian as I'm on Fire I can tell you.

I am wilting a bit now though.  I could do my biggest loser but I have chosen not too.  That is because I just want to have some time to myself with a cup of coffee.  Everyday I rush around and cram in my exercise and today I'm not going to.  I've done loads today and I want to sort out my photo albums as I think buddy is now asleep. 

I have a Next order coming tomorrow - a rather large one at that. I didn't intend for it to get so big - I had gone off them (I don't write for money have you noticed - some people's blogs get paid to try out all sorts of stuff) as I feel the quality is pretty basic especially the woman's stuff but most was for the kids.

So how am I doing diet wise. Pretty good this - far better than last I have exercised 3 x this week and will tomorrow no doubt and Sunday.  I had a jaffa cake attack yesterday pre-menstrual cycle. This happens once a month when I eat something I shouldn't so had about 5. Why is this? I know your blood sugar drops or something but need to get a grip on that.  So I'm off now to have a sit down.

Have a great weekend people!


  1. What book was it? I won one the other day from Mumsnet - a David Lammy one, about the riots.
    I will make an effort to read it, instead of buying that 'French Women Don't Get Fat' you advised me against.

  2. Well done you! It was the Bonne Vacances by Rosie Millard - I have only read chapter one but like you intend to read it. Re the French women don't get fat was written by an English woman Ithink who married a French man and read it in the Daily Mail ages ago - I just remember her saying they suck on a square of chocolate and spit it out - sad bastards!! Get a grip - plus they all look miserable x