Sunday, 1 January 2012

Fresh as a Daisy?

I have spent many a New Year's Eve in a sorry pissed state - Edinburgh, hotels, house parties and a disastrous New Year's Eve special of celebrating the Millennium in Brixton of all places.  We had gone to see the fireworks on the South Bank.  It was a crowded nightmare even for us young things (twenty somethings) so we tried to cross somewhere else, ended up on the tube heading towards Brixton and on the stroke of midnight were at Brixton tube station trying to get a bus back to Croydon.  There is a picture of me somewhere in the vaults of me looking thoroughly miserable - I was ending my 8 year relationship and embarking on an affair at the same time - on the tube wearing one of those mad union (remember only Jack when at sea) hats.

Nearly 8 years ago January was historically a pisser or a month and I hated it with a passion. Depressing, miserable, wet and I wasn't that into New Year's either celebrating going into January always seemed a bit barmy. I digress, my eldest son will be 8 in January and since he was born January's haven't been as bleak as they used to be.  His birthday and cake planning (I always make their cakes - this year it will be a Lego inspired number) cheer up a normally drab month.

Well the decs are down and the whole house has been cleaned and tidied - love the look of the house in January.  All done with a clear head too.  Not a total write off where I can barely move from being so tired and hung over.

Now if you weren't going on a diet then you surely are after reading the Sunday papers this morning.  Blimey not only do they have the normal diet shit and resolutions blah blah blah - there's also a paper supplement dedicated to shifting the pounds. 

The 1970's Diet will, of course, be continuing into the New Year and beyond shitty paper supplements or no supplements.  Feel free to come and join me for the ride and Happy New Year to you all!


  1. Happy New Year to you too! Wow your Millennium New Year sounded a right corker. Poor you - what a way to welcome in the year 2000! Glad 2012 has been a better one. Good luck with the diet this year. Look forward to seeing your cake creation.

    Oh and thank you for your Union Jack knowledge - hadn't realised I'd got it from you but I have been dazzling people for the last few weeks with my amazing general knowledge!

  2. Happy New Year to you too! Yes it was an awful way to see in 2000. I will post a picture of the cake its going to be a Clone Pilot which is a stormtropper but they became Clone's its all very confusing! xx