Saturday, 7 January 2012


Well today I have added a page (all the pages are on the right hand side of this blog) of my measurements. To me this is much more personal than my actual weight (said she who blogs and tells random strangers about anything and everything).  I mean no one will ever pick me up and do a guessing game as to how much I weigh. Maybe that will happen someday - a game show or something along the lines of the Biggest Loser where people in the street attempt to pick up the contestants and guess their weight. The closest wins a holiday or something.

I suppose, in real terms, it doesn't matter how much you weigh. What matters is what you look like - if you look like a big lump and clothes don't fit then that's a good indication you are fat! Obviously the scales give you the confirmation that you need.  So here goes (I will update the page in February):-

Widest point i.e my arse = 47 inches
Waist = 37 inches (at a tight pull I can get it to 36 inches)
Bust (widest point - my boobs) 43 inches
Under Bust (used for bra size) 35 inches

So there you have it, in print, my measurements.  They say that a woman's waist should be under 31 inches - I would love for it to be 29 just so I could say my waist was under 30 inches. How much I would have to lose for that to be achieved I don't know.  The measurement I want to be reducded more than anything is the width of me that would be most pleasing. 

Right I need to go and do some exercise as its not going to reduce sitting here typing.  Have a great weekend people.

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