Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Diet like a man

Yep, I'm sure I've read this before but it sprung into my mind whilst I was watching my current fat favourite programme at the mo - Obese - A year to save my life on Sky 1.  I have most of the fat fighter programmes on series link but I tend to shout at the Biggest Loser UK as their numbers are poor given the size of them (she of a paltry 1lb loss this week) compared to the real deal -the Biggest Loser USA. 

Anyway, I like this programme as you get to see them from fat to thin within the hour.  I like the trainer Jessie Pavelka (I'm sure he'd be number one candidate for the Biggest Loser USA if Bob Harper was ever to topple from his throne - not that we want him too - liking him too!) who tweets on twitter during the programme and after. 

Although the chappie on the programme lost 8 stone and not the 10 stone set for the year - you just know he'll keep it off.  The previous week the woman did manage to lose the weight but her emotional attachment to food and her various binges she had during the process means that it is highly unlikely she will keep it off.

And there in lies the difference between men and women.  Men are naturally more competitive. They don't want to fail. They're set the task and told what is expected of them and they just crack on with it.  No fanning around, no excuses, no emotional clap trap - they just focus. 

Its a bit like when you're lost and there's a person that you could ask for directions - the man won't be having any of it. Well not mine at any rate.  He'd rather drive around for a few more hours (okay I exaggerate minutes) than actually stop and ask for directions.  He will not accept defeat.

Women tend to be lead astray on the dieting front - they say women tend to be overweight if they have overweight friends.  If you are hanging around with little billy bunters egging you on to "go on one won't hurt you" then you'll find it more difficult to lose weight if you surround yourself with healthy eating gym going fit buddies.

And much like the Xmas bragger I spoke of in December there's always women out there who want to sabotage your diet.  Women in particular feel threatened - maybe they need to lose weight and your "being good" is making them feel crap so we can't have any of that.  They'll be the ones saying "you're not fat" "go on, go on, go on" "are you sure" "mmmmm you really should try this". Tell them to fuck off! That should stop them dead in their tracks and make coffee mornings a thing of the past.

Women also have all manner of excuses time of the month, stressful day, half term, kids playing up - you name it we can come up with it! The latest is "you can't diet in this weather". Its too cold by all accounts and therefore you have to eat "comfort food".  The amount of time we spend coming up with excuses we could have lost the weight 5 x over I suspect.

So if you want to lose weight you have to diet like a man. Get the job done. No excuses.  End of.


  1. Shallow comment alert: Jessie is beautiful.



  2. Hello! It's your number one fan (Gillian!)
    Just wanted to say, totally agree BUT the biggest loser USA completely terrifies me!! 1lb a week is pitiful when they're over 20stone but did that guy not lose 32lbs or something absolutely ridiculous?? Surely that's not healthy whatever the weight of him?! I'll tell you, if I could lose that a week, I'd be at target after 2.5 weeks!! I think it makes people feel disheartened when they can't lose large amounts like they do!! Much prefer the UK one, a bit more achievable :)

  3. Justine - he is beautiful I know! (sorry hubster not like you though and yes I think they have super imposed his body onto yours!) - Check him out on twitter and tell him I sent you! Gillian - I've just watched the Amercian one 42lbs in a week that is insane - surely he most have taken something? I mean I know he was 400+lbs but really?! I did notice ALL the women were under the yellow line and all the men on top. Having said that the Irish guy in the UK one is a bit pathetic and I want to give him a good slap. Yes its far more realistic the UK one but for sheer mouth opening entertainment the USA makes good telly! txx