Saturday, 14 January 2012

Charley and I were in the park....

....when a man came up. Remember these 1970 public information films for young children?  Anyone that was kicking around this time and in the early 80's will I'm sure.  I think the phrase "would you like to see my puppies" probably was born out of these little broadcasts! And also Charley the cat doing his meowing noise.  I wonder what the boy was called? There was even a rave tune by The Prodigy featuring "Charley says.."  My husband remembers the Joe and Petunia series in particular the Country Code but I don't as much.

I wonder if these type of films will make a comeback?  Maybe they should in an updated fashion - remind people how to behave and the like. I certainly wouldn't have a problem with my children watching the series in fact I might show them tomorrow and see what they think.

There's a funny one on you tube where Charley says don't interrupt mummy and the milkman!  There's the whole lot on there so if you're feeling nostalgic take a look.


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