Sunday, 22 January 2012

Another one bites the dust (in the voice of Queen)

Hate Queen by the way - It's a kind of magic is up there on my top ten list of most irritating songs.  Although I have to say I do LOVE Under Pressure with Queen and David Bowie - I can't even talk about those two Irish twats Jedward doing a cover of this song.  Its just too traumatic for me.  So lets move swiftly on.

Yes another 'celebrity' marriage breaks down - Heidi Klum and Seal who were hot on the heels of Katy Perry and Russell Brand. And Sadly this week I learnt of one much closer to home.  It was a shock and it wasn't if that makes sense. It wasn't in the sense that I had a hunch last month.  By and large my instincts are pretty, pretty good and unfortunately they were right on this occasion. Actually I stand corrected as once I saw a picture of Meg Matthews and Noel Gallagher and said "oh they're so in love" - cue divorce!

I have known some pretty piss poor marriages in my time and would have volunteered a few before I would have said this particular couple.  Don't get me wrong I'm not overly smug about my own marriage but doesn't every couple discuss who will last, who won't? I'm sure me and the hubster are on a couples won't list given its the hubster's second marriage with extra baggage of 3 children and a prat for an ex-wife.

Well this pair were on the 'will last' list.  We would have much preferred someone from the other list. But there you go.  That's life as they say and you don't really get a true picture of what goes on behind closed doors.  Its only after the break up that you get the low down show down.

They do say (yes that lot again the faceless/nameless they) that January is a bugger for break ups and divorces.  I was shocked to read that in France 1 in 2 marriages breakdown and we thought we were bad here in the UK. Maybe the view that the French are know for tolerating affairs and the like isn't very accurate - we're all human after all.

Either way its pretty much guaranteed that you're going to lose weight in this process.  Again, 'they' say if someones preparing to leave a marriage then they get into shape.  I know of two couples where the men have got into the height of physical perfection prior to their departure.  They were both having affairs.  One was running every night - dropped 2 stone in as many months. His wife was so proud of him completing the London marathon - not so a few months later. At the time I did think he was having an affair.

The other was going into the shed honing his body to its twenty something state on the new gym equipment but not for the missus to enjoy, oh no, it was for the mistress 10 years his and her junior.  I've known women who have done this also.  Even if the person is not having an affair - when people are stressed and miserable you can drop stones like there's no tomorrow.  Then if you're the broken hearted (as lets face it its rarely a joint decision) you drop stones from the heartbreak of it all. 

I don't really want to test this theory as I'm pretty sure I'll be the reverse for me (and, of course, I don't want to break up anytime soon!) - sods law just to add to my misery I'd pile on the pounds. In fact, I did pile on 2 stone when I broke up with my fiance even though initiated by me way back in 1999. So there, I've tested it although I didn't love him anything like I love my husband.

So my husband was teasing me saying you're getting fit to bugger off aren't you? I know your game.  No but it is harder when you are happy and content I suppose.  I want to lose weight because I'm fat. That is all.

Turning to my weight loss - this week I did jump on the scales even though I promised I wouldn't coupled with several "you've lost weight comments" and same old same old I let up a bit (also was only able to do 2 workouts) and will probably be the same tomorrow or horror of horrors put on. Funny now I can wait to be weighed.  I was touching the 13 stone mark mid week (that would have been a loss of 3lbs). I was even tempted to start typing about water retention and shit like that and I thought "really are you at that stage coming out with shitty excuses?! Well thankfully no. 

I have eaten my son's birthday cake and had a Chinese.  All things that will always happen.  But this week I will be focused.  I have nothing to distract me. No boiler man. No cake torture. No nothing. Exercise and logging what I eat and this blog will be my number one priority.  I have to be in the 12's by the end of January - just have to.

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