Monday, 31 December 2012

My Last Rant...

...of 2012 is this - people who feel the need to say Happy New Year from 1pm onwards on New Year's Eve. What is that all about?  Can they not stay up till 12 am? Are they too busy partying to update their status? Busy snogging their partners with wild care free abandonment? Not likely given that most people I know barely get intimate with their other halves let alone snog the faces off them.  The amount of Happy New Year's I've seen on facebook (its 7.05pm here in the UK) has been prolific.  I'm sure these people will be staying up - maybe they'll say it again Sam. I just think they're in the same category as the "let's get the xmas decs up on 1 December" brigade. They simply can't wait. Won't wait. They're like a bunch of excited little puppies. They bring everything forward and rarely just enjoy the here and now its on to the next thing quick! Soon they'll be talk of summer holidays and the like. Live in the present.

They could actually just say it tomorrow if any of the above applies? One of my friends expressed her horror that I didn't get up on Xmas day until 8.30 am - the time the kids woke up.  I should have woken them. Should I fuck. I'm 39 not 9! Look if my kids weren't up at the crack of dawn there's no way I was going to wake them from a deep slumber now was I?

I also received a carefully worded Happy New Year text with all the niceties but knowing it was sent on mass to every contact in their phone kind of looses its impact don't you think?  It just has maximum impersonal effect and the words..well they're just words with very little meaning.

Anyhow, back to New Year's Eve. I will be staying up and I will wish people I know a Happy New Year. I won't get too drunk as I like to have a clear head on New Year's Day to get the decs down and get the house straight. I have had many a day lost on New Year's Day and truth be told its much nicer not being massively hung over even more so with 3 children in tow. 

Resolutions? Well I'm not a big fan of them - although when I was much younger I always used to make a list of this that and the other. I'm more realistic these days - they're more of a 'things to do list'. Having said this if you can't be optimistic at the start of a New Year and take the opportunity to have a mental clear out then when can you? So, my things to do list are as follows:-

Get hair cut (January)
Get bikini line done (January)
Get new glasses (February)
Get on my bike (January)
Exercise 5 x a week (on going - even if means getting up 6am - this is a new addition. It came to me the other day sometimes I can't fit it in in the day and I don't do exercise in the evening - genius or what?)
Lots of daytime cuddles with buddy - this could be the last year he snuggles up with me for ages and ages  (ongoing)
Lose 3 stone (ongoing realistic target of 7lbs by first week of Feb)
Go to Las Vegas in November for my 40th
Read all the books I got for Xmas and read more in general
Continue with my ancestry
Be me

So nothing ground breaking but all achievable and all realistic. With that I bid 12 am....


In other news.. my new cushions love them!

Saturday, 29 December 2012

My Christmas

Hello all! Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and if you didn't..well...there's always next year. Everyone is due a shit Christmas at some point in their life.  My friend had a memorable Christmas one year whereby she ate the total sum of 4 Pringles as unfortunately her marriage imploded on that day.  I had a rubbish one (circa 1997) when I had a row with my
ex-boyfriend in our flat - alarm bells did start ringing the moment we set up home. Anyhow, to cut a long story short we had a huge row after another incident of him drinking himself stupid on Christmas Eve which carried on into Christmas Day. I ended up driving to my parents and then driving back as my idiot boyfriend was threatening to commit suicide - when I did reach our flat he was sitting on the floor in his boxers, munching snacks and watching the DVD box set I'd bought him.

I've had a good Christmas this year which is quite apparent by my bathroom scales, which, I have not stepped on since the day after Boxing Day.  I had put on 4lbs up to that point - I'm hoping its stabilised as I haven't been back on them since. I did Wii Dance this morning for 10 songs which made me feel better and most of the treats are now gone and it'll be soup tonight. 

The Goose naturally from Aldi - £20 and tasted just fine
I had some lovely presents including The John Lennon Letters book which I've even managed to read 50 pages of and a guide to Las Vegas - whoop whoop we plan on going for my 40th so I am very excited about that. 

This jumper was £16 from peacocks and was a bit snug I have to say - still I wore it Xmas Eve to much ridicule on facebook and the like

Kids mince pie making
My retro Xmas cake I made - just like your nan would have made - it was sadly a tad dry - shit recipe of course!

Xmas muffins made for the teachers
The weather here is so rubbish its been raining or drizzling nothing much in between so getting out has been a tad difficult.  I hope you all have a Happy New Year and see you for the next installment of The 1970's Diet....
Happy New Year!


Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Monday Weigh In..

..on a Tuesday. Zero. I worked out (moderately) 3 x last week.  I ate more on Saturday and during the week I also consumed two of my xmas muffins that I like to make.  This week has been okay on the food front (well it should really given that its only Tuesday!) but getting in exercise this week is not going to be easy. I'm hoping to do some tomorrow and most definitely Thursday.

Go to the doctors (groan) - I've had a rash on my neck for about 3 months now. I think its eczema  who knows but its an hour out of my day that I won't get back. I want to get in a workout tomorrow but I also need to get bits and pieces, wrap presents and make muffins (presents for the teachers) and make pastry in readiness for our mince pie making at the weekend.  All the little faffy xmas bits are creeping up.  I also have nagging cracker issues - for a week now I keep thinking "I need to get Christmas crackers, I need to get Christmas crackers." This is Xmas for you - the little things that can actually tip you over the end and make you go insane. We are having a quiet Christmas at home just the core family so its not like I should be under any pressure but the crackers have got to me this year!

This is a bit blurry good job really as just had the facial - now how snug is this gown?! A medium if you please - no we need large gowns for a spa

I may, just may, have to sign off until after Xmas as I doubt I'm going to have much time to blog. On the chit chat front I had a lovely day Saturday with Cath at our Pamper Spa day. It was good even if the robes only came in 'medium' and mine was a tad snug. Silly that isn't it - if you're going to order one size why not a large? By all accounts the men have the same robes! I had three treatments 1) hot stones massage - I'm going off massages though they seem to press hard these days and my left shoulder feels bruised 2) anti-ageing facial - that was wonderful and now I look like I'm 25. Not! and 3) a strange pedicure whereby they had set up the nail, feet and hair in one room. I had the sound of a hairdryer for 30 minutes of my pedicure blaring away. I did, eventually get 50% back, after explaining that no I didn't want a glass of champagne or 10% off my next treatment - not likely to go back anytime soon.  They had this stupid argument that as I paid for my treatment I couldn't have a refund! I pointed out that if I wanted to get my feet done with a load of noise in the background I could have stayed at home.  Also who's brain child was it to shove the pedicures in this noisy room. I suggested they might want to get their feet done in their and I'd switch on a hairdryer. I got my refund.

I have managed to wrap some more presents tonight so only got the kids left to do.  See you soon....

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Beware of The Christmas Card Slacker

They are out in full force around this time of year (clue in the title).  I like Christmas cards. I don't mind spending a few hours writing them and I like receiving them. I do have trouble picking out the card which will represent us as a family (see this post I wrote last year about all the little faffy bits at Xmas) but asides from that its not the worst Christmas chore. That, without a shadow of a doubt, has to be awarded to wrapping presents. 

I hate wrapping presents.  I don't get all christmasy wrapping them - I get pins and needles in my feet and I am fully aware I will never ever get the 6 hours it takes (not in one sitting mind) back again.  My wrapping is below par. I don't bother with bows, strings or think carefully about whether or not the size of the paper will actually fit the present. I cut a piece and hope for the best. A tag on the present which invariably falls off is about as much as I can rustle up. I don't care if the cellotape is clear or got that yellow tint to it. Who notices this? Some do - including my husband. As I type I am putting off making a start on my wrapping duties. It is beginning to disturb me now. I have wrapping issues.

Back to Christmas cards. Yes, there are some people that do and some people that don't. I used to always write cards to the ones that don't. I thought I will not lower my standards. I am thoughtful and I will send a card to someone that can't be arsed. A few years ago I thought actually I am going to lower my standards and be really childish and play tit for tat. I like this game much better. Wouldn't it be great if everyone did this. I'm sure the Christmas card slackers like to receive cards don't they?  What if they never got any cards one year? Would they have a re-think of their can't be botheredness?

A Christmas card is a nice gesture. It means you've taken 5 minutes out of your 'hetic' year to put pen (remember that?) to paper to wish tidings of good joy. I send a card to my deceased grandad's siblings - I don't ever see them but I want them to know they are thought of. I also send cards to my mother's cousins in America - again, I know they enjoy receiving a card from across the pond.

You've trotted down to the post office, put the correct postage, popped on the little xmas stamp and posted a little bit of thoughtfulness.  I can hear my sister shouting at this - yes there has been a few occasions I guessed the postage. In my defence I still think first class is 30p and forget about the card size thing - my sister has had to pay to receive her birthday card from me.

Anyway, quickly glossing over that, if you are going to send Christmas cards they should be posted. I hate them kicking around at the bottom of my bag or worse someone giving them to you to give to the person that you're going to see. Invariably you forget or the person forgets to take them home with them. You then become the custodian for someone else's Christmas cards.  Post them people. Post them.

I like cards. I like them hitting the doormat. Some say its a waste of paper it only goes into the recycling. Its better to just give the money to charity.  What the total amount of about £6 to charity? What about all the tons of wrapping paper? Why wrap presents then? Oh, yes please lets not wrap presents! It only goes into the recycling - in fact, why buy presents at all? That's by far a greater waste of money.  This is all just bullshit. If you don't send Christmas cards it is, quite simply, because you can't be bothered.

On the diet front - I have been hungry all this week what with the cold and all. Its Wednesday and I've worked out twice this week. The Biggest Loser and Your Shape today albeit for 20 minutes. Tomorrow I am walking and will do the Wii Dance and, just maybe, start that wrapping.....!

Until next time...


Monday, 10 December 2012

Monday Weigh In

-lb off. That's a 1lb off when I thought I'd put on 3lbs and didn't weigh myself last week so in theory it could have been more if you can work that out. I worked out 5 x last week so was really chuffed with myself and its amazing the difference it has made.  The reason its only 1lb is that I was out on Friday night with the PTA ladies and sank about 8 vodka tonics and a set meal (salmon, turkey and a brownie). I felt mighty rough the next day it has to be said. I haven't touched a drop of alcohol for weeks and thought I was being sensible by not having wine or mixing my drinks plus the fact that when you drink vodka from a pub there never seems to be much alcohol content. Obviously there was as I spoke so much I lost my voice during the course of the evening!
I got home about 12.30 am - we had frequented a nightclub above the restaurant we had eaten in. It was one of those establishments, that when you go home you hug your partner, as you are so grateful that you're with someone. Anyone. I think I was easily one of the youngest in there and I can only describe it as where the divorced go to die.  The others went onto a much more lively place but my feet were throbbing - heels and wearing them only once a year are not a good idea. My headache eventually passed at about 5pm the following night.  That was after attending our annual panto with my cousin, her 2 children, my aunt, cath her husband and her two kids.

I had a bacon sandwich in the morning, no lunch and then a HUGE portion of fish and chips followed by some chocolates on Saturday. Not exactly diet food but it sorted my hang over out and I've lost weight so I can't really complain.  I have no other nights out planned this side or on the other side of Xmas so all being equal weight loss should continue.  I have to make sure I don't follow Sainsbury's current adverts for having "Christmas days" i.e eat lots of shit leading up to Xmas. I hate adverts like this - like I hate all the sale adverts on Boxing Day - you just know in a couple of weeks every single advert will be some diet, low cal adverts from the same companies that wanted you to pig out before and during the festive season. Wankers.

Today, I have not exercised. My husband is currently fitting a downstairs shower and all the floorboards are up etc and buddy had his first nativity play at his pre-school and I've got this stupid cough that the kids have had for weeks.  I need to get in 5 x workouts by the end of the week so wish me luck.

Until next time...

My bear head out on the town with the gorgeous mums on the PTA. My friend on the far left lost 3 stone just through diet and exercise!

Friday, 7 December 2012

My Mojo has been restored

Well for this week in any event following on from my jean scare earlier in the week.  Its amazing that even after one workout this week I felt better afterwards. So my friends, I have worked out four times this week.  I am aiming, like my friend Cath (healthy bit of competition going on here I feel), to work out 5 x a week. I need to do another workout on Sunday which will be the Wii dance as it means I can get the kids involved too.

There has been mitigating circumstances that could have made me shy away from this exercise 1) snowy weather even though you're exercising inside it does make you want to just sit down and have a cuppa 2) buddy has been up 3 times this week with a rotten cough so I am very tired having got used to a full 8 hours for the best part of this year. 

The workouts I have completed this week are Biggest Loser, Wii dance 4 with wrist weights, Your Shape and another Biggest Loser.  The Wii dance is good fun and is my easier of the workouts.  The others are insane! The Your Shape boot camp makes you want to just start wailing "I can't do it!" but you do and then feel brilliant afterwards.  You do sumo swats, sprint starts, mountain climbers and much more pain. My goal on this one is to eventually enjoy it all. The Biggest Loser is very similar - burpees (which I find the hardest things to do), planks, tire jumps, star jumps etc etc.  They say (yes those people) that 30 minutes or a shorter intense workout is far better and more effective for you than, say, 60 minutes of exercise at a lesser intensity. I think I'm inclined to agree with them. Did you also know that most people consume an extra 250 + calories at the weekend so says the Obesity journal. I reckon that's a conservative estimate for most people.

My eating diary has been written all this week also.  I have the Panto tomorrow with fish and chips afterwards (a tradition) and tonight I have a PTA meal out.  This isn't going to affect my weight loss this week as I've already lost weight - I can feel it. 

So I will leave you with a little clip of one of the warm ups I do on the Your Shape - its call 'wallbreaker' and its great if you're feeling stressed with all this Christmas build up. This isn't me by the way - maybe I'll post one of me soon. Have a great weekend!

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Skylanders Competition Part II

So here is my 6 year old daughter's offering...

Tree Trunks is a life element.

I'm told Tree Trunks is a he and "the story was it turned into a war tree."

It has speed of 8%, attack 92% and protect 0% (am impressed my 6 year old worked this out to 100%).

It has hair, adult tree trunks, swords and exploding flowers - I like that. Oh and guns of course!

Tree Trunk

Wish us luck!





Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Skylander Competition

"WOLFITIST" (wolf-it-ist)

"Wolfitist lived peacefully until a scientist sneaked into his house and made him take his potion. He now fights with the Skylanders to try and kill the scientist"
He is a 'Tech' element and he has the following features:
1. Shoots laser gun
2. Fires cannon from his head
3. Shoots arrows from his head
4. Smashes his hammer

No I haven't gone mad and this is not what I get up to during the course of the day honest guv.
I have been blogging for over a year now and this is our first ever competition! So it must be good right? Well, my son (age 8) thinks so. This is part of a competition with Tots100 to be part of Team Skylanders (see here for details) and there was no way we wouldn't be entering this competition. This household is Skylanders mad (my daughter's entry will follow tomorrow). If either of them win this competition I will be crowned super duper mum of the year in this ere household - even if we only have a few more weeks left.
My two love this game (buddy is too young to play) - it has really captured their imagination and to be honest they draw the characters more than they play the game at times - which is only allowed at weekends. Te person that came up with this interactive game for children is a genius.  Essentially you buy the little characters who all have different powers, you put them on a portal that glows (2 at a time if you like) and away you go.
So wish us luck that 'Wolfitist' will make the grade!


Monday, 3 December 2012

Monday Weigh In

Denial. Well not quite but I haven't weighed myself today as I reckon I've put on 3lb judging by my jeans and belly.  I worked out twice and didn't really follow my 1970's diet last week. My bear head is returning and I've lost my way.  When I started this blog just over a year ago it worked as I really focused on writing down what I ate, filled in my exercise log and other recorded other diet related matters. I would also chuck in some 1970's nostalgia for good measure. Then I found my ranty voice and people enjoyed this as did I writing them. However this has come at a price - my weight loss has come to a grinding halt or very little progress.  This is the only reason the blog was worth doing in the first place. I think you're all aware by now that I'm not really that fussed about rankings, stats etc. I don't even share my blog on facebook as I want to keep it anonymous as possible only the chosen few know of its very existence and that's the way I like it.

So I need to get back to basics. My blog is going to revert back to weight loss and updates.  My friend Cath's most recent post also gave me a bit of inspiration. She's not fat at all but just couldn't get her butt into gear with regard to exercise even though if she doesn't, there is a higher risk of her cancer returning. See her blog post here to give you some inspiration. She has vowed to work out 5 times a week and given that her two are both at school this is very achievable.

So to kick off my attempt at refocusing my mind and goals I worked out to The Biggest Loser for 37 minutes today. It was knackering but worth it. I think Cath makes a valid point - some people are scared to work out and really sweat. That feeling of pushing your body to its limits does make us come up with any excuse not to work out. Its very similar to being scared of being hungry - a lot don't like that feeling (I know I didn't when pregnant) but its essential if you want to lose weight and you can learn to enjoy it.  Ultimately working out until you're gasping is not going to kill you. You will recover and you will feel better afterwards. The same can be said of being hungry - I reckon the vast majority of us could easily survive a few months with very little of no food.

I am working out tomorrow with the Wii dance with wrist weights, hopefully bike ride on Wednesday, Thursday The Biggest Loser again and Friday Your Shape workout.

Until next time....

Thursday, 29 November 2012

So much to say...

...but gingerbread is getting in my way. Bloody hell that was genius wasn't it. I am a blog genius.  I am all gingerbread'd out.  Voila. Here is the gingerbread house I've made for the school fair - it should be fayre shouldn't it? When did it change? I saw it on a poster the other day and I thought "at last someone has spelt it the proper way."
Let me blow my own trumpet..
....I don't do perfect gingerbread houses but if I did..


Pretty darn good wouldn't you say?  Modest ain't I. Well, this my friends, is the reindeers house and I came up with the idea that it should have its own raffle (normally its lumped in with the main raffle). I wanted to incorporate a Willy Wonka Golden Ticket type game. So in exchange for £1 the children will get 2 gingerbread reindeer in a bag.  Within that bag will be a golden ticket whereby they write what they would like to call the reindeer (the one with the hefty mortgage on his sweety house) and drop into a shoebox wrapped with xmas paper. Then we can say "the winner of the golden ticket is....." At the time, I thought this is inspired. I have baked circa 100 gingerbread reindeer today which are being decorated (by my pta cronies at my house) tomorrow. I hope these things bloody well sell!  Needless to say I've only worked out once this week.
My husband had his spinal injection today (he waited 5 hours for it) so had to drop him there and back with les enfants in the evening. I have so much to write about but so little time like turkey talk, over excited mums at Xmas time and what do I consider to be not feminist. An interesting blog post by Pint Sized Rants made me think about what does it mean when I say "I'm not a feminist" and the one on the back burner nurseries.
So I'm off to faff and not exercise. I hope to be back this week with tales of exercise and baggy jeans!

Monday, 26 November 2012

Monday Weigh In

-lb by the skin of my skinny skin skin! Haven't exercised for two weeks on Wednesday. Still recovering from my little flu but have been eating much better since Saturday really.  This is going to be short and sweet I'm afraid. Busy week ahead - gingerbread house to construct and decorate, load of PTA stuff leading up to the Xmas fair, gingerbread reindeer to make and pack, husband has spinal injection Thursday and collapse on Saturday evening.

Hope to see you again real soon!

Until next time....

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Charity Shops...

A typically ridiculously priced item in the shop window of our local 'charity' shop
..are making me mad.  Yes its time they got a good dressing down. Before I start, here's a few definitions of the word 'charity' in case charity shops had forgotten. Maybe they should stick these up in the back room and have a gander prior to plucking up prices for items out of thin air:-

 'generosity and helpfulness especially toward the needy or suffering; also: aid given to those in need'
 'an institution engaged in relief of the poor' 'public provision for the relief of the needy'
'an organisation set up to provide help and raise money for those in need'

So what's the big deal? They're on the high street raising valuable monies for the various different good causes. The people that work in these shops give their time for free although as I understand it the manager gets a salary. Well I'll tell you what the problem is - its all a bit one sided isn't it.  Whilst some people pop into a charity shop to find a bargain (fat chance of that if you live down my neck of the woods) a lot of people shop in charity shops because they don't have a pot to piss in. Yes, the needy. Remember them charity shops? People you are meant to help.  These people actually go to charity shops to find clothes, shoes and gifts because they can't afford to buy these items new. They might as well buy this stuff brand new as far as I'm concerned. Have you seen the price tags on most items in charity shops these days? No? Well pop into one the next time you're in your local high street. It is a disgrace. There needs to be a massive overhaul of charity shops and a code of conduct as far as I'm concerned. 

Quite frankly charity shops are taking the piss. Its outrageous. Manky teddy bears in the shop window priced at £5, old used cutlery sets priced up at £25 quid and I kid you not, the other day, I saw a tatty old party dress marked up at £45!  I mean you could buy all this tat brand new for less money. Is it any wonder that their sales are down by over 20% and donations have dropped massively. Get your shit together.
Now maybe they think that by putting a stupid price on items people will bid them down to the price they actually want. How many people do you know would bid down a charity shop?  Its not really the done thing is it. You'd feel a bit mean seeing as its for charity and all. In fact, I tried it recently and was told in no uncertain terms that "we do not accept offers, the price is the price". Clearly the charity shop couldn't give two hoots about your social situation can it now. 

Charity shops have rested (much like the French did with their cuisine) on their laurels for far too long. They are ungrateful and mean. You can't leave stuff outside, they won't put local fund raising (like our school's Christmas Fair) posters in their windows and rubbish customer service is guaranteed. I now just put all my old clothes into the school's 'rag bag' collection bin. The school gets over £1,000 for this each year so up yours charity shops.

On Friday, I very nearly walked into our local charity shop and had it out with them.I walked past and I stopped dead in my tracks. It was the same charity shop that has a snow globe (see above) marked up at £25. Now not only is it more than you would pay on ebay you can't actually take it until 22nd December as it makes up their window display. What shop in the world would say yes we do have this in store but you can't take it home with you? See what I mean. I digress.

In the shop window sat a second hand wooden dolls house of reasonable size. Guess how much. £150. I could not believe it. You can easily get a giant wooden dolls house brand new for less money. Oh, and if you want to spend £150 on a second hand dolls house you can't take it home until 22nd December.  That dolls house should be priced at £20 max so that a person that has little money could get a great Christmas present for a child.

Update - February 2014 - today I tired to buy, over the phone, a wicker basket (okay it was a Fortnum and Mason one but so what!) from my local charity shop. It was in their window display yesterday. The chirpy lady on the phone told me its not for sale and is no longer on display. WTF?!! So let me get this right you have a basket that I'd happily pay £20/£30 for, its not even in your shop window anymore, but I can't buy it?!  Are you seriously telling me you will never come across something that you can use as a little picnic table ever again that you have to have a stock pile of props?  STOP cherry picking items.

Charity shops can you please get a grip - yes you are raising money but you're also meant to act charitable to the people in need. And you are meant to sell the items that people generously donate to you. 

Friday, 23 November 2012

Its My Birthday!

Yes it is my friends. I am 39 today. This will be short and sweet as I'm currently sipping lemsip - I have a bit of cold and now feel a bit ropey! My foot is better but no exercise for one week 2 days. I feel fat and bloaty not good.  I've had a wonderful day - bouquets of flowers from the kids, a lovely card from my husband and an equally tearful card from my bestie.  I got a fab-u-lous leopard print 'N' keyring from my good friend Em - we managed to trot around the shopping centre with toddlers in tow browsing and acquiring in my own words, that I often use 'shit we don't need'.  I saw a coat twas lovely twas a bit snug fitting but I'm going back to get it. I need a kick up the arse. I have a night out in two weeks time also which invariably will mean we wailing at some point "I have nothing to wear". A year on and the same wail re-surfaces. This time next year I don't want to have to wail that if you please. 

Right off to rest and recuperate. Have a fabulous weekend from your now 39 bloggerette!


Monday, 19 November 2012

Monday Weigh In

A zero. I had lost 2lbs up to Thursday last week. I didn't weigh myself but I could just feel it in my jeans etc and I had worked out 3 x before Thursday. Speaking of which I've really hurt the top of my right foot. I think it was when I peddled my bike using tip toes. Why would I do such a thing - who knows! It might have something to do with the fact that my top gears weren't working and I wanted to get more speed. I've since taken my bike to Halfords who fixed it all for nothing.  The pedal crank thingymejiggy wasn't working properly and the guy said "you would have found it very difficult to pedal." Ain't that the truth - my good workout has rendered me pretty helpless on the working out front as by Saturday I could barely walk. 
Pictures my own for once!
Covent Garden soaking up the Christmas cheer
Bear head alert!

Which leads me into why I haven't lost weight. Well Friday I had the Quiz Night at the school (a great success) but it includes a fish and chip supper so I had that which I always intended to do but having worked out that day.  On Saturday I had the best day. Myself and the hubster went up to London to see The Killers and made a day of it by visiting Covent Garden (by the way take the lift - climbing up 190+ stairs did not help). We walked loads (or hobbled should I say!) and had a rather large Chinese buffet at the O2 venue. It was very nice but wasn't going to do my weight loss any good.

My bike ride that caused the damage - beautiful
though isn't it?

The concert was just awesome. Brandon Flowers was belting out the songs with no sign of cancelling the concert like they had to do mid-week due to his voice going. I celebrated (even though its not till Friday) my 39th birthday in style.  The photos of this Saturday highlighted the need to continue my weight loss journey as my 'bear head' needs reducing somewhat! I mean I have a big 'moon face' that Enid Blyton would have been proud of.

Not a great pic of Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Cater who were at the gig.  She looks fab and petite and ate some chips!

My husband bought me this bag from Covent Garden its handmade leather and has a cow print skin - it hasn't gone down too well in the playground!

The Killers are awesome!  Brandon Flowers voice is incredible it really is

Tomorrow I am on a school trip which isn't ideal with my foot but will dose up with painkillers and hope for the best.

p.s shall I change my pop art pic to an old hag now?

Until next time....

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Shit Friends

This little saying keeps popping up on facebook and seems to warm the cockles of a few people's hearts. They don't for me mind. In my view these friends aren't really worth a wank. I'm sorry, couldn't help it, was going to say worth their weight in gold but shit friends happen.

I mean how busy are these so called 'friends' that they go for 'long periods of time' without calling or checking in? If you like someone you'll always make time to phone, email and text rather then the odd comment or two on facebook. I would hold a grudge if I were you. No one is that busy. If you like someone you make time for them. Simple. These are types of friends that go into my yearly cull basket if you please. You know the ones you mentally delete. They get moved into the acquaintance category. The above applies to acquaintances not true friends. Don't get me wrong acquaintances have their place in your life too but let's not get the two confused shall me. Someone that can't be arsed to phone or only wants to see you when it suits them is not a true friend. And why is it normally around this time of year? The time when people are leading 'busy lives.'  Why does everyone have to meet up before Christmas? You've had a whole sodding year to get together.  Yes let me drop everything for you. I wouldn't mind but normally they suggest it (bit like The Ignorer) you give them some dates then they can't make the dates you suggested and it never happens in any event.
Even if you don't live in the same country and with time differences, if you really like someone and want to catch up, you need to do so on a regular basis. You see, if you are only phoning once in a blue moon, there isn't a cat in hells chance that if feels like you 'just spoke yesterday.' You have more than likely missed massive chunks of tittle tattle that us women need to report on a regular basis.  If you talk only once a year you could even be forgiven for saying "oh yeah that, we got divorced a couple of months back, wasn't working out." Whereas your true friends would have heard about all the details leading up to this point. I miss talking to certain 'friends' that I haven't spoken to in a week. I will always make time for those folk. 
So if you see this on facebook how about commenting and saying "oh you have shit friends too and they know who they are!"


Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Monday Weigh In

Okay its Tuesday but I was so busy yesterday and also had a PTA meeting in the evening so I didn't get back home until 10.30pm.

Well 1lb off! Stress is obviously good for dieting.  I worked out a few times last week and will start updating my logs properly. I did the Wii dance 3 x (one with a friend it was very funny) and I was out on the bike with my son Sunday.  Yesterday I dusted off The Biggest Loser workout and glad I did. I worked out for 37 minutes exactly and it was tough. I couldn't do as many burpees as I used to do (I hadn't worked out to this since July!) or sprint starts but it felt good to work out to it again.  Today I am going to do my Wii dance and tomorrow I plan a bike ride (weather permitting in the morning) when Buddy is at school.

My note book is out - writing down what I eat and get this, last night I couldn't sleep as I was so hungry. This is a good sign I haven't felt properly hungry for a while now and its about time I did.

On Saturday me and the hubster are off to London for the day and to see The Killers!! I cannot wait - I'm trying not to think about it otherwise I'll get too excited and then I'll get a migraine - I don't get out much what can I say!

Until next time...

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Ban the Tooth Fairy

Who came up with the shit idea to leave a child some money if their tooth fell out? I want to have a word with them if you please.  I am crap at being the Tooth Fairy. The Tooth Fairy has got some seriously bad press in this house and justifiably so. I always forget to put a coin under the pillow and I feel really guilty the next morning. Sort yourself out woman - how difficult is it to remember to put some money under the pillow? My husband helpfully pointed out that he'd noticed I often miss the fairy deadline. Well my dear you be the sodding tooth fairy then!

Look you can even knit your own Tooth Fairy - If I were the Tooth Fairy I would like to look like this! Pic ebay
On Thursday my daughter's tooth fell out and I did the usual "put it under your pillow and the Tooth Fairy will come." My son has taken it upon himself to value teeth depending on what they are for example molars £1, bottom teeth 50p and so on. I don't know how or when this tooth pricing came about but I stood my ground and said "no, the tooth fairy leaves £1 (or is it 50p?) she doesn't value them on the types they are."

Now my daughter had 3 bottom teeth extracted when she was just 18 months - no I don't feed her sweets and shit. That's another post when kids teeth are extracted because "they're not growing properly" not the ten ton of sugar you give them then? She fell from a step and landed head first into the grass which ripped her bottom three teeth out from the root. It was awful, blood everywhere, they were just hanging there and she screamed all the way to A&E. They were removed a day later. Luckily they were her baby teeth but the adult ones have grown albeit a bit yellow inside. I kept those teeth in a little jar until my daughter decided to put all three under the pillow to fool the Tooth Fairy into thinking they were recent ones. Genius. I like her thinking but I had to explain that the Tooth Fairy knows if they are 'fresh' teeth and that was the reason she didn't come that night. See what I mean? A labyrinth of lies all because so dick came up with the notion of a Tooth Fairy.

In any event, she said she wasn't going to put this tooth under her pillow as she wanted to make up for the ones that were taken from my jar and were subsequently lost.  Great I don't have to be the Tooth Fairy for a good while. This was short lived as on Friday she decided she would, after all, put the tooth under her pillow. The Tooth Fairy went to bed and woke up with my daughter upset that the Tooth Fairy hadn't been. Shit. Forgot again.

The lies started along the lines of well if you first decide not to put a tooth under the pillow she's not sure that when you do that you actually want your tooth to go.  Then when that wasn't washing so well I said I'd probably scared the Tooth Fairy when I went to the toilet (true) and she'd be back tomorrow. What a palarva. 

I can remember all the usual stuff like Halloween, fireworks etc. I can even remember to leave out presents on Christmas Eve and the children's birthdays but I cannot, for the life of me, remember to put a coin under my kids pillow if their tooth falls out. 

The Tooth Fairy has got a bad reputation for that reason and I am always (funny that) sticking up for her. She was probably busy with the unprecedented teeth that fell out this week, I think she heard me when I got up last night so she flew away but will be back tomorrow, sometimes she runs out of coins and has to go to the bank to stock up, sometimes all Tooth Fairies go on strike if they've been working too hard and not getting a break and so it goes on.

I hate the frigging Tooth Fairy. I can take the lies no more.  The Tooth Fairy isn't magical in this house she's a temperamental trade Unionist and I am sick of her.

Please, please can we just ban the Tooth Fairy?!

Monday, 5 November 2012

Monday Weigh In

No change but I am in very good spirits.  It was half term week and we didn't get out and about as much as I would have liked. I did the usual cleaning Monday, food shopping Tuesday, Wednesday we were stuck in all day until the evening trick or treating (see previous post). My friend's son came around she only lives a 10 minute walk away but was waiting for her husband to come back with the car! Walking is such a novelty these days isn't it. So instead of getting to mine just before 10 am he arrived at 11.40 am! She was working so then came back about 2.15pm but it made the day very disjointed. She is always late in fairness and I was going to joke about when the big hand is on 12 etc but thought better of it. On Thursday I say my friend Cath and her kids and we managed to get out to the park so that was good and Friday the eldest two went to my parents for fireworks.

During the week we did play the Wii dance 4 - the kids love it, however, I did over do it a bit as I use wrist weights whilst dancing, to sweat more, which meant I pulled the side of my waist.  Its been aching a bit so may have to rethink the wrist weights until I know the routines better or at least warm up before I go full throttle.

I'm also quite excited as buddy started pre-school today (only on a Monday and Wednesday) he was absolutely fine. He didn't cry or wet himself - bonus!  He looked mighty chuffed when we picked him up (the other two were off on an inset day) which, all being well, means he'll do the same Wednesday.  A free morning for me! I can't decide on a marathon Wii dance, The Biggest Loser workout (which I haven't done in ages), Your Shape or get out on my bike. If its nice, I'm definitely going out on the bike - my friend my come with me if she drags her bike out of the garage and gives it a bit of a dust down.  Either way I am going to be sweating!

When my daughter went to pre-school 4 times a week I joined a gym on a 'yummy mummy' membership. Basically I could do the classes, swim etc for £20.00 a month during off peak hours. It was perfect I used to drop her off then go to a class (hate the gym) and be back in good time to get her.  A very good deal and it did get me in very good shape for my wedding.  I did pilates, spinning and boby pump.   However, since doing my blog and getting into the mindset of never ever re-joining a slimming club I have a similar attitude towards gyms.  I want to do it myself. I have my bike, I have my Wii/X Box for the winter months and there is a local swimming pool nearby.

I am well and truly stuck in the 1970's! Until next time...

Friday, 2 November 2012

Halloween Bashing Part II

Last year I wrote a this post about Halloween. In a nutshell, how it could have a good case for festive discrimination, that people don't like the trick or treating aspect of it and are generally a bit snobby about the whole thing.

In any event, I like Halloween and the kids like it.  I take them trick or treating not to gather masses of sweets (I don't stock them in the house - cakes, crisps and biscuits yes, sweets no) they just like to dress up and knock on peoples doors. What's wrong with that?! Knock down ginger (remember that - where you'd knock on someones door and just run away?) but waiting for the person to open the door. I figure at what time in your life can you do that for before you get locked up. Its just a bit of fun and if you don't want to take part you don't have to. And here's a hint if you don't want to get into the spirit (pun intended) of things - don't deck your house out in Halloween garb and then slap a whopping great big sign saying NO TRICK OR TREATING!

Maybe next year people could carve this instead?
Yes, this year has seen a new phenomenon that I have never encountered in the three years of trick or treating, A4 coloured printed piss off signs.  I would love for the people of this country to feel so passionate about real issues like cuts to public services and things that affect their local community and demonstrate so forcibly like I saw on Halloween night. Alas, that would be too much effort - anything that is worth fighting for is met with shrugs and "they're going to do it anyway". People have forgotten how to protest and protest they must in these austerity times.

I watched a programme last night about the town of Stoke. It was a behind the scenes look at the council and all the pathetic types making the decisions. I tell you something - the people working there wouldn't be able to get a job in the private sector. Its despairing to watch the type of people that are involved in such massive decisions. One councillor (on the committee that made the decisions) did the job part-time (and paid a handsomely £45,000 for it) it was all a bit of a hobby for him. Going back to protesting, one parent canvassed people and got signatures on petitions to save their Surestart centre. She was successful and spoke eloquently at the cabinet meeting. The councillors thought better of pissing off a possible 12,000 voters so it remained open. Protest can bring results but you have to have the stomach and fight for it and most don't but we will have to in the coming years I feel.

Halloween signs my children were confronted with. Basically it says NO trick or treating enjoy it but don't knock on my door. Maybe next year that should be the trick - knocking on these doors with the sign?!
I digress. As ever.  So back to trick or treating and the signs.  Now don't get me wrong I understand some people don't like people knocking on their doors especially if they have babies etc. If that's the case, may I suggest you don't leave out a carved pumpkin, stick up a whopping great big skeleton on your front door and embrace all the Halloween nick naks. Don't be a Halloween tease. I'm not going to put up all my Christmas decorations and then put up a sign up saying "Fuck off Santa" so let us use a bit of common sense shall we. 

I only let the children knock on the houses that are decorated - this to me is a sign that they are partaking in a bit of trick or treating.  So imagine the children's and my confusion, having walked down a spooky path, to then come face to face with a very arty go away sign.  My daughter made a valid point "why decorate if you don't want us?"

Naturally I ranted about it on Facebook and Twitter. One of my followers said she considered it to be begging - I did ask if she had decorated her house but she didn't answer. She also said when she did look out the window she saw 3 children about 12 years old with hoodies. I immediately thought well she clearly doesn't live in South London as this is small fry living on the front line - sure enough she lived in the worried well part of the UK - the shires.

I don't consider it begging, my children would happily have a trick, you don't have to give out sweets.  Besides even if some one was 'begging' which, given that there are now 300 food banks in the UK, it is not against the realms of possibility that the treats a child receives may be the only ones they can get their hands on. Its a good night for a sweet bounty haul and if you've trawled the streets in the drizzle dressed as a zombie and are a teenager you deserve your sweets.

Maybe next year we'll protest about the Halloween Bashing....

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Top Trump Card

Well mine wasn't played this week - I don't think I have one.  Is there a card I can play that will get me special favours? Not really. I think the last time I had a Top Trump Card was when I was pregnant. I could have a two hour nap on a Saturday (well I did get tired towards the end) without any objections from the hubster.  I could also eat copious amounts of food (see this blog) without anyone raising too much of an arched eyebrow.  Actually come to think of it there were quite a few Top Trump Card moments whilst pregnant and afterwards having had my 3rd c-section I was able to wave it about quite a lot.  I don't tend to be of Top Trump Card persuasion but sometimes its just called for.

This week my friend and I (Cath at Oh Marvellous! fame) booked our spa day for December. This is to celebrate, if you can call it that, the end of  her gruelling chemo and radiotherapy that she had to endure this year following the discovery of a lump in her breast back in February. 

Seeing as its Halloween tonight - this is a pic of 1970's horror top trump cards - pic ebay
Now I haven't been to many spa days as a fully fledged grown woman. I went to The Sanctuary in London prior to Cath getting married and had a overnight stay at Alexander House near Crawley. The hotel accommodation was lovely as was the food, however, I had the worse back massage ever! Even when I said it hurt she still went for it - £82 worth of pain. I didn't get to use all the facilities as it was a little break for me and the hubster so maybe its worth a re-visit. Then on my hen day back in 2009 we went to The Chakra Spa in East Grinstead. It doesn't have the bells and whistles like the big players but I kind of like that. Its very intimate, the food is nice and the treatments are just as good if not better than the likes of The Sanctuary in Covent Garden.

These aren't trump cards but I did use to love playing this very set of Happy Families when I was younger

I don't mind going to a spa - I like the treatments which, now buddy is going to pre-school, I will be able to have more of in the day at my local salon - but I don't like the walking around in your dressing gown. It just feels a bit weird. When I get up I don't tend to hang around in my sweats (my equivalent of pyjamas as I don't own a pair) I like to get showered, hair done, make up and away I go. Clearly its easier on the treatment front but eating my lunch in a white robe (why are they always white think a more flattering colour could be adopted?) also feels a bit odd.

I remember the spa day we had at The Sanctuary  - we had this really lazy calm atmosphere walking around in our robes all day long - then, when it was time to go home, it was like a mass free for all. Everyone scurrying around in the locker room desperately trying to get to the mirrors, scrabbling to get their clothes on. It was like a frantic school trip at the swimming baths. The irony was not lost let me tell you. Then when you are released out into the wild reality hits you like a freight train and that calming day you just had evaporates within seconds.

Having said all that I am looking forward to our spa day. I've booked three treatments and Cath played her Top Trump Card when we 'liked' the spa on Facebook. They were offering up 2 free day passes and wanted reasons why you should win them. Instinctively I said to celebrate end of treatment and Cath whacked her trump card on the virtual table and said she was tired after all her treatments and here's my blog to prove it.

Needless to say we (the royal we) won the passes! Funnily enough there were no comments as to why people should win after she had written that. I think they had accepted defeat that cancer top trumped "me time" and "spending a day with my mum" hands down.

Cath later said "I don't really like using the cancer card you know" she has experienced unhelpful sales assistants, in particular, when she was purchasing a head scarf. When she said what it was for the transformation of the assistant was remarkable. She found it a bit sad that the sales assistant was mean up until the point she told her what the scarf was for as, quite rightly, shouldn't we all expect a good service. Equally I suppose you shouldn't just win something or get to go on a game show because you've had suffering in your life although it does help!

So was it unfair to play the Top Trump Card? After all the new mum would have welcomed the day off. Later on, whilst discussing the win Cath said "actually I don't care, I am tired, I do deserve it and I'm glad we won"

Top Trump!

Monday, 29 October 2012

Monday Weigh In

-lb off. Okay with that back in the 12's heading on down to the 11's. I've gone up and down the last couple of months but since my blog birthday I feel reinvigorated.

The Wii dance 4 featured heavily last week. Its great fun and the kids love it too. There is an option to dance to a specific programme/time which I will do once the kids go back to school as by then I'll have all the moves down to a fine art. I'm sure its more aerobic than the last one.

I also had a heavy weekend with regards to food so obviously all that dancing paid off. We had the school Halloween disco on Friday. I was at the school from 1.30pm (we had a Xmas fair meeting) and lugging up all the drinks/cakes etc to the hall probably burnt a few Halloween cupcakes off. It is traditional to always get fish and chips on the last day of term from the chippie. If you're new to my blog you might be thinking "hang on a minute this is like no diet I know!" and you'd be right! I don't normally eat cup cakes when I'm focused on my 1970's diet but I have always said that there are some things that I know I will always do so I incorporate it into my diet. That's why my weight loss of now 20lbs for a year wouldn't win me any prizes. But you and I both know that the ones that lose 21 lbs in two months put that on again, lose it, put some more and so it goes on and on.

This is a diet for life. Its not faddy weight watchers/slimming world whereby as soon as you leave the place, you put on 7lbs and all the points and red/green days are thrown out the window. Its a wonderful liberating feeling when you leave one of those places - not having to get weighed in ever again. Well not until you have put all the weight back on and then re-join. That's what they like -repeat business. You can't diet any other way don't you know. I've been there done that and I want to do this now. I will never ever go back to a slimming club I can promise you that. To be honest, I'd rather be fat.  I digress. So yes, I will partake in things like this as I will on our Quiz Night on 16th November, PTA night out on 8th December and a nice meal out on 15th December.

I figure that I don't go out that often, so when I do, I will have what I like. In any event, when you have this mindset you tend not to act like a kid in a sweetie shop. The last time I went out for a sit down meal was in May where I had the calamari, fish pie and no desert. I drank lots of wine and had a great time. This is life.

My sister also came up with the brother-in-law on Saturday and I made home made pizza (except mine was smaller than everyone elses) and I did have some crisps and wine. I made sure I worked out that day and the next. We also went for a fantastic walk with the family on Sunday and made sure I kept the portion sizes down.

Today we all did the Wii dance and will continue to do so for this week. My son has taken it upon himself to be our fitness trainer (there is nothing of him - he has the physic of a professional cyclist!) so this half term is not going to be a spanner in the works.

Until next time...

Thursday, 25 October 2012

A year on...weight gone...carrying on...

Happy Birthday Blog - you're a year old today! Yes it was a year ago I started this little blog that has become part of my life. My very first blog post was on 25th October 2011 and here it is entitled so we begin.  And begin we did. Prior to starting my blog, after having my third child, I weighed a whopping 16 stone 7 lbs. That's 231 pounds to all you Amercian viewers (of which I have more than the UK - get me!). 

I got down to 14 stone (196 lbs) without writing about it but by following my own 1970's diet.  Trying to eat 3 x meals a day, not snacking (only on fruit), limiting treats like a take-away, ready meal to a Saturday night with a small glass of red wine. I also always walked and tried to keep as active as I could with a breast feeding baby and 2 other children to take care of.

Then in October 2011 my husband had a back injury and was bed bound for a week. During the week, the evenings were lonely, I was averaging 3 hours sleep a night and enjoyed the pleasures of Frazzles and other such savoury snacks.  I gained 5lb that week. I already felt fat and ugly. My clothes didn't fit and the lack of sleep didn't help matters.  The hubster (as he has been referred to ever since) and I watched a film called Juile and Julia one night. It was about a woman that wanted to try every recipe that a famous American cook 'Juila' had written.  Her blog became huge when various newspapers got wind of her novel idea.  I discovered blogs were ten a penny - there are millions of the buggers! A whole lot of mummy bloggers, daddy bloggers, dieting bloggers all hoping to hit the big time or certainly to make some money from their blog. I had no idea about the world I was entering but I liked the idea of a diet with a difference. Not all are like this a lot just like to write and enjoy it as a hobby. My goal then was to lose weight and to write what I wanted. That has remained. I love the freedom of my blog. I don't do sponsored posts or review anything (I have been asked) which means I can tell you how it is in the eyes of Natasha or Tash/Tasha as I'm known to my friends and family. I can rant to my hearts content!

So without further ado, on Monday I weighed in at 13 stone (182lbs) - this isn't the lowest I've been I think I've waved hello at 12 stone 9 briefly before making a sharp exit!  So I have lost 1 stone 5 lbs in a year. That is 19 lbs as at Monday and was, for a while, 24 lbs lost.  Now some may sniff at that and say crikey that's shit only 19 lbs in a whole year (let us not forget the 30lbs prior to starting the blog - 2 stone 2lbs)! Well, I am happy with that and one of the many, many things I've learnt during my diet is that my weight loss is the only thing that matters to me. Not anyone elses or how fast they have lost weight and put on again. Its my diet. I am not super woman I try and fit in everything the best I can. I don't have a great support network whereby I can drop the kids with someone and go to the gym. I have to make time for my exercise during the day. I had 3 hours sleep from January 2011 - April 2012 (that's only 6 months ago) as buddy woke up, without fail, every night for a cuddle or something or other. The BIGGEST saboteur to a diet (and whilst 'friends' are high up on the list) is lack of sleep.  It has been proven that you eat more, too tired to exercise etc etc.  I'm sure there are people that have been so determined, have so much will power that, on that amount of sleep, they still lost a massive amount of weight. I am not one of them. I am normal. I am just like every other mum trying to manage weight and the normal day to day routines that goes with having children, holidays, half terms etc etc.

I wrote about my Top Ten Tips for dieting and I stand by them. I also wrote about how I consider Slimming World and Weight Watchers to be faddy diets in this post. I have seen people during the course of this year lose lots of weight to put it all back on again. This happens a lot. Yes, my 19lbs may not be a lot but it is off and its stayed off. I haven't had to pay someone £5 a week to stand on scales and buy diet products and books.

I have changed in many ways. I don't drink as much diet drinks (I do occasionally when I'm out) as it makes you crave sugar - studies have proven this. I don't eat diet yogurts - they pump them with crap and chemicals so they taste better. I eat full fat products if I 'm going to have something like a cake I'll eat the real thing. I don't have melted cheese on everything (see my first ever post) although I do eat it occasionally. I eat with my family but smaller portions so I'm not eating something different. I don't separate carbs and protein. No food is 'bad'. I don't say oh I've been bad today or I've been good today. I don't do exercise I don't enjoy and I haven't joined a gym.  I use my Wii dance, X box Biggest Loser workout, Your Shape Boot Camp and go cycling with my son. I enjoy this.  I don't weigh myself 10 x a day (this took a long time to stop). I don't binge eat anymore. I've never gone on a faddy diet and haven't felt tempted in anyway to lose a massive chunk of weight in one go. I don't feel desperate. If I know I'm having a meal out I won't stuff myself all day long. I'm not obsessed with food and dieting anymore. I  have learnt that it can take months to recover from putting on weight after Christmas even if it is only a few pounds and getting back into the swing of things. The same can be said about the school summer holidays - its only now I'm getting back into my exercise and a proper routine. I've also learnt, for me, the period from October - December is my optimum time for losing weight. This is because I hate the feeling of feeling bloated at Christmas time so it really makes me focus. 

This is a giant cupcake my friend makes - you can check out her facebook page "cakes by fairies' and she's also on Twitter @cakesbyfairies  They are fab!

I am excited about the next few months as I feel I have a second wind.  I have bought a diary to write down what I eat to keep me focused. I accept this isn't going to happen for the rest of my life but it is a tool I use to get me back on track and I still enjoy exercising.  My little man who gives me so much pleasure and has been a joy to have at home is off to pre-school soon - just for 2 mornings a week but it means I will have an even better opportunity to focus on myself.  My body will also realise that I haven't got pregnant again. My thirties have been brilliant (not over yet!) - I have produced 3 beautiful children and my body has served me well but it has also been put through the mill. I want to repay it by getting into good physical shape ready for my forties.

And with that I bid you Happy Birthday Blog! I didn't quite make 30,000 blog views but nearly - 29,000 today. With the risk of sounding very chessy and American -  I love you and I love my regular readers and followers who comment and give me encouragement, motivation and advice all the time. Mwah to you all!


Monday, 22 October 2012

Monday Weigh In

+2lb. I don't do pressure dieting as you can see or dieting to order and I was very aware of my one year anniversary on the blog front was fast approaching. So what did I do? Celebrate with wine on Friday and Saturday topped of with an Indian take-away! I'm typing this whilst Jennifer Lopez is strutting herself on MTV - this woman has not aged and looks fab-u-lous in her forties.  I have JLO envy going on at the moment. Talk is cheap when it comes to dieting or should I say talk is pounds on. Why can't I just have the body of JLO thank you very much.

I've got to get back to basics. When I started this I had one glass of wine on a Friday. This will return. My sister and her husband are due to visit on Saturday so will defer the wine till Saturday. Oh, in addition I met my friend for lunch Friday and had a burger!  Its all been a bit manic recently with potty training (a great success - he picked it up with ease and I'm going to brag about that if you please!), PTA stuff, school stuff, kids stuff etc.

The party season is fast approaching, not that I go out a great deal but I'm sure I'll be going to a couple of nights out.  I have been buying lots of bits and pieces for the kids recently - winter attire mainly together with party bits for my daughter.  It suddenly occurred to me that I don't buy anything for myself with regards to clothes, boots, shoes etc. I have no interest. This is because I don't want the hassle of ordering stuff that doesn't fit.  I don't even look at clothes anymore. I need to start thinking about looking more stylish and glamorous now that buddy starts pre-school after half term. Its only 2 mornings a week but it means I can exercise fully without interruption.  A friend of mine is going to dig out her bike and we're going to set off on hilly bike rides. I did this before my wedding together with spinning and Pilates.  Plus I'm not going to have another pregnancy to get in the way of my weight loss programme so its all very exciting. Its a new chapter and I'm feeling positive.

Until next time... oh and don't forget to tune in on the 25th and I'll give you the total figure on the blog and pre blog front!

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Saturday Chit Chat

Last night we kicked back to watch a film - I got to choose and did so with the now infamous words "Steven Spielberg doesn't make a bad film does he" lets watch War Horse.

Oh my, what a pile of crap! I like a Spielberg movie and thought (wrongly) that he rarely makes a bad movie. I mean for goodness sake he made Jaws and I love that film - ET, Schindler's List, Saving Private Ryan the list goes on and on.  The movie mogul is also a bit of an Anglophile so I thought lets watch this as it can't be bad.

Terrible. Awful. It was like a Lassie film gone spectacularly wrong. The scenery was very much blue screen and depicted an England that the Americans like to see rather than the reality of what is even in 1918.  I mean the farmers rented house was the size of a small stately home. If you don't know the story its about a horse that goes off to war and gets re-united with its owner. Like that would ever happen. I always think a film has failed if you're not bothered about the characters and we weren't at any point during this film. Even the relationship with the young lad and his horse was all a bit naff and I didn't really mind that the horse "Joey" had to go off to war.  I didn't really care if the horse died with all the pulling and hard labour.  Even the scene, where he's running through no mans land, getting caught up in barbed wire didn't get me going.  In fact I'd go so far as to say it was insulting to the millions of men (young boys even) that lost there lives in World War I and here we were watching a story about a horse. Now don't get me wrong million's of horses were killed which was highly unfair. By all accounts by the end of the war there were practically no horses left in Europe -they had to be imported from America. I have to say I'm more of a human lover than an animal one so maybe the title should have been a big hint.

Whilst putting various posts on facebook - one friend said she cried in the film and it was a true story. At which point my husband choked on his wine laughing. Its a novel and was a theatre production which got transferred to the big screen.  I had a lot of fun with this along the lines of Joey the horse writing his story on a hoof proof typewriter and that he was doing a book signing today at the local bookstore. But seriously, it has to be right up there with one of the worst films I've ever seen. Please do not watch it!

Today we were meant to take our eldest to the mountain bike club but we all got up late. My son had been selected to represent the school in the cross country on Thursday. It was a huge event. They had to run around this massive park and he came 175th out of 250 in his group. A runner he isn't but at least he made the team this year. A girl in the school team came 24th! So the son didn't get up until 9.15 am which gave us very little time. Still, we had a bike ride this afternoon and they all helped me make a Christmas cake. My first attempt - the ingredients were easy just a lot of faffing with paper around the tin which the hubster did for me.

I've worked out 4 times this week including my bike ride today and hopefully another one tomorrow, however, I feel quite chunky monkey so not overly hopeful for Monday.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, 18 October 2012

To Sell or Not to Sell

That is the question. Forgive me for such a naff heading but I couldn't think of another one. I am, of course, talking about the world's biggest market place - Ebay.  Now I don't mind buying a few things on ebay - I prefer the 'buy it now' option rather than bidding against other people. I can't be doing with 'watching items' as invariably I always forget what I'm meant to be 'watching' and getting into a bidding war does nothing for me. I'm quite old fashionned in the sense if I see something I want to buy it and have it now please. I'm a basic ebayer type. I'm sure there's many an ebayer expert who have all manner of technical devices available to them to make sure they are not out bid at the last minute. I am not one of them.

I rarely sell on ebay as I always think time is money and faffing around with presenting items, taking photos, uploading them, writing descriptions, wrapping them, weighing them and queueing in the post office is a whole lot of time wasting and for what? A bit of shrapnel (South London talk for coins) or possibly £20 or £30.  In short too much effort for too little gain.  Having said all this, I have gone against all my natural instinct not to sell on ebay and have sold some stuff namely baby clothes.  Now when you look at baby clothes on ebay (normally they're in bundles) they aren't worth a wank. Another choice phrase - I always ponder when someone uses that term what would be worth a wank? Could that be a phrase in its own right i.e "I had a great day out shopping today and bought lots of stuff it really was worth a wank! Back to selling clothes.

1970's set of weighing scales - picture...ebay!

So I have had bags of baby boy clothes, babygrows etc in the loft for ages - about 6 massive bags. They have served me well for both boys and still look very good. All from Next, Mothercare and Marks I have you know. I have on many occasions thought I should sell them - I do give stuff away to friends and to clothes banks but no one I know is having anymore children. 

I had 9 bundles and guessed the postage (in my mind I still have the wishful thinking that a first class stamp is 30p its not my friends its 60p) on all of them based on what others had their postage up for. Big mistake. Huge. Rule number one NEVER EVER GUESS YOUR POSTAGE!  Get the scales and weigh them.

My catalogue of mistakes just escalated from there. I never stood a chance on the ebay selling front. I listed them on a Sunday to finish on a Friday just around tea time. Yes that's right the time when mum's are cooking the dinner and not watching items finishing on ebay. My friend said "oh no, don't do that you list them on a Sunday (or on a free listing day - doh!) to finish at the weekend as people shop more then." Bloody amateur. Amateur I tell you. 

I think my most successful item was my daughter's jacket that went for £10.00 and a growbag for £6 everything else went for nominal amounts. I was out of pocket on the postage overall too. On one bundle of clothes, the woman paid 99p for the lot but I got the postage so wrong, that I paid her to take them. Just to confirm my status as the crapiest seller on ebay, one buyer turned up on my door on Saturday morning clutching her £1 coin for a bundle of lovely Next bits and pieces. I even had the penny change ready for her. She waved her hand letting me off the penny, took the bundle and skipped merrily down the road with her bounty. Now I don't really mind that. At least someone is getting some use out of the festering baby clothes in the loft but paying people to take them is never going to make me a small fortune. Rest easy Richard Branson. Rest easy. I made about £25.00 in the end but should have made £35.

You would think that after this sorry tale I would now be well and truly put off this selling malarkey but strangely I have a taste for it. I am now trying my luck again making sure to put all my wrongs right this time. Let's hope my faffing with this selling pays off otherwise the answer to my question will be a big, massive, huge......