Sunday, 11 December 2011

You're wasting away

That's what the hubster keeps saying to me - he thinks its amazing the difference 7 weeks can make. He's very sweet - I'm not wasting away and there's plenty left to be wasted but its nice to know that the fat loss is starting to show.  I don't want to get too carried away as its so easy to put on especially in the next couple of weeks when everything gets relaxed. Take last night for instance.  I didn't cook we got an Indian take-away. We'd had a lovely relaxing family day, got some new Xmas lights with the kids, the fire was on and the mood was set for someone to delivery my dinner to the door.

We shared a tandoori mixed grill so not something covered in a buttery creamy sauce. We did have a starter of grilled halloumi and peppers, poppadoms, shared a naan and had lime rice with cashew nuts.  I was full for the rest of the night,  not uncomfortable but certainly not my usual hungry self. Oh did I mention the wine? Yes a few small glasses of red.

I could well have scuppered my weight loss for this week what with my packet of crisps during the week.  So relaxation has already set in even though I love the feeling of getting slimmer.  Its just an instant mood up lifter and knowing that it is going to keep on going down is very exciting.  So I need to bare that in mind this week as I have not one but two nights out on the trot to negotiate.  Talk is cheap though isn't it? Action is a needed.

I completed my Wii dance today and from Monday I thought I'd switch to the Wii Zumba.  I haven't done this for a while as I got addicted to the Wii dance but I don't get as puffed out now and maybe its time to mix it up a bit.  Having said that if its ain't broke...and all that. 


  1. Haha when I linked you for that award I said that I usually have a bar of chocolate in hand while reading your blog - totally didn't mean to but it has happened again!

    So fantastic to hear you sounding so positive. Lovely that you're able to relax your own rules a bit - you've got so far already, you deserve a break over Christmas. Especially as I know you'll have enough motivation to continue on as normal after the festive season.

    UH OH!! Was about to ask whether Wii Zumba is any good...when I suddenly realised my Zumba class started 7 minutes ago. Oooooops!!!

  2. Hiya bigbum! Yes I did read that about the chocolate did make me laugh. I still have a long way to go but yes will be certain to carry on in January just weary not to put on during the xmas period as it will kill me!! I only do Zumba and the wii dance at home as I can't be arsed to do anything in the evening but I find them both great - my friend does a Zumba class and has lost 3 stone! Get going!