Wednesday, 14 December 2011


So I come out of Aldi trolley piled high with all their lovely Xmas bits together with the weeks shop.  The little fella taking up the helm.  I turn to open the sliding door to my car, let go of the trolley momentarily, and in slow motion watch it smack head on into a parked car.  Now I am normally a law abiding citizen but had the person not been sitting I would have hurriedly loaded the car up with toddler and driven off at break neck speed.

As it was this did not happen and I did the decent thing. I said I was very sorry, my fault, took picture of offending 4 inch scratch and minor indentation and gave all my details.  Why I gave the name of my car insurers I don't know - the car was the innocent party in this sorry saga.

The lady was very nice, mid to late forties, middle class and said it was her husband's "vintage" car.  It was 1993 golf not GTI but one of those take the roof off numbers.  It needed a clean but that's not going to hold weight in any defence.  She said her husband's mother was ill, he would go mad and I had been very nice about it all.  At first she said it would probably cost £50 as I was departing there was talk of a "new wing".

So that evening I broke it to the hubster - initially he was okay but frosty weather in this house took over later and I was aware he was pissed off at my trolley blunder and quite frankly I am know for this sort of thing.  In my defence and make no mistake about it, I always have a defence - I do get by on about 3 hours kip most nights.  I was very tired yesterday, it was blowing a gale, it was wet and the little fella likes to thrash around in the trolley and pull out the contents and chuck them to the floor.

So the lady phones says the nice little garage she goes to has quoted £600-700 - I say that's not going to happen but then she pipes up someone could do it for £110 + VAT.  She hadn't broken it to her husband yet and we left it at that.  I haven't heard from her tonight I'm sure I will at some stage but I have decided £100 cash is my final offer. That's fair and reasonable in my eyes and if it goes to court so be it. To be honest I'd even like a stint in Jail least I'd get some kip and my dinner cooked up for me. In fact defaulting on any judgement is looking very appealing. 

I accept it was my fault but I'm not going to be turned over. If they had made a scratch to a car possibly worth only £1,000 would they pay £600?  No and this is probably why given a choice most people would drive off at break neck speed as no one these days will ever say "that can be fixed at a reasonable price that we will both find agreeable".

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