Thursday, 1 December 2011

A troll. Not the virtual kind..

...or the rough looking slapper kind or even the one that sat under the bridge.  I am talking about the troll doll.  My husband laughed the other night in bed and said "for a minute there you looked like one of those dolls" maybe its because we have been together for 11 years but I instantly knew he was referring to his beautiful, every decreasing wife as a frigging troll doll!! I said "you mean a troll doll"?! "Yes, that's it". He seems to think they were called something else in the 60's but I couldn't remember them being called anything other than a troll. And yes I did have a few - I loved brushing their hair. That's about as much as you could do with them unless you had Sid (the boy in Toy Story) like tendencies and set light to their plastic bodies. 

The reason why I was likened to the troll doll was my hair was sticking up and my forehead was going all wrinkly as I spoke.  Last night when I said "do I look like a troll tonight"? he reassured me it was a one off - phew hold off on the botox.

Christmas is a coming - its 1st December and I'm sure there's many a mum getting more excited than her children and putting up the tree already. I appreciate that I am in the minority and hold out for as long as I can - normally a week and a bit before Xmas and they are down on 1st January.  What is it with mothers and the Xmas tree? Talk about control freaks I know many who change the decs once the children are in bed, decorate sans the children (?!) and have their own little tree just for themselves.  Maybe they also wear a Onesie whilst decorating.  I think a tree decorated by children looks beautiful with all its imperfections. So if you are a Onesie tree decorating control freak and, if you can, step away from the tree its for the children - let them decorate it and leave well alone!

Other '70's type Christmas presents were Cindy not Barbie and her little friend Pippa. I had a house which was basically a few cardboard sheets with a slidy thing that went in the middle. I loved it. That and Girlsworld - the girls head that you decorate with make-up and dye her lovely golden locks with various colours.  These are still in abudence today as are the games like Kurplunk, Buckeroo, Operation and the world's most annoyingly difficult to set up game - Mousetrap. My children have some lovely toys this Xmas - lego, a talking bunny and a scooter and a few stocking fillers. 

I had a rough night last night - in fact I've had several which seem to have lasted for weeks. My eye is twitching today with tiredness.  When will this child sleep through the night? He did alright for the first 6 months I have written evidence of this honest.  Is this payback for my smugness of the other two sleeping through at 7 and 10 weeks respectively?  I now can't get to sleep before I know he is due to wake up normally anytime between 11.30-1.30 am. Then its normally back up at 3.30 ish - 4.30 then 6 ish then wake him up at 8 am.  Its all very quick a couple of ounces of water/milk to settle but I'm still awake. He's now got a cold - or man flu he's a real wimp with his teeth.  The others cut them like proper tough nuts not my cuddly South London mummy's boy. 

A pattern is emerging though that when I've had a rough night I am less alert on my diet.  I had a packet of crisps 25g with my sandwich again. No real reason just because I wanted to. Although it is Thursday and we were aloud this in the 1970's its not ideal. I have completed 4,000 sweat points today also but lack of sleep will be the biggest saboteur to my diet by far.  I am having soup tonight again for my tea as I am out tomorrow and Saturday its fish and chips after the panto.  A lot of work needs to be done between now and Monday.

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