Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Today someone noticed...

.. that I had lost weight. It did kind of stop me in my tracks as I had been happily going about my business and dodging the mums' weight loss radar.  I want to whip off my coat in the Spring and go "ta dah, I've happened to lose 4 stone over the winter months!" As I mentioned before in my blog I don't like people to notice when I lose weight as I tend to celebrate by eating so it really isn't helpful.  I want to go undetected for as long as possible.  Darn it.  Having said this, I did not go out and buy myself a fresh cream cake or anything of that description, it did actually spur me on. What is going on?!  I have done all my chores (minus ironing, making Xmas muffins - okay not quite) and am looking forward to getting on the Wii and completing about 4,000 sweat points shortly. 

The mum in question is an acquaintance - a nod and a hello when passing - our eldest are in the same year.  She is a very slim Italian woman and noticed my weight loss from behind!! She asked how many kilos but I couldn't quite remember the equasion is it 2.2lb to 1kg? She estimated 4kg (sold me a bit short but still) and said I was like her - in that the weight goes on her hips.  Bless her I'm nothing like her but the thought was there.  It is nearly Xmas after all!.

Onwards and downwards.


  1. Hopped over from Livin the Fit Life Blog Hop! Love your blog theme. I was born in '72 :0 Have a great day, claire

  2. Thank you Claire - I'm very much enjoying your healthy blog! Natashax