Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Time to talk about my Fanny

Well it wouldn't be Xmas without Fanny Cradock would it? I loved her bossy, school mistress manner with her mad eyebrows and drag queen look. Her poor assistant always looked terrified and scurried around doing as she was told before she got beaten with a sharp stick.

I had to share this 1975 clip of her making a disgusting mincemeat omelet. I mean, really, it wouldn't have been hard to be slim in the 70's if you were eating A la Fanny would it?

The BBC did a really good drama on her life story where her ultimate downfall was when she was rude to a housewife who was holding a dinner party. It was filmed in a cafe and the poor woman was telling Fanny what she planned to cook. Fanny's reaction was typical and she pulled an expression of disgust before exclaiming "good god no woman" or something along those lines. I'm sure it would be on youtube somewhere. She was no longer the 1970's housewife's favourite after that.

I particularly like her parting words of admiring the Housewife's of Britain trying to give their families a decent Xmas in the most appalling times. Little did she know that 2011 would be on a par with 1975.



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