Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Three months to get it off..

...the Xmas weight that is. My blog titles are beginning to resemble a cross between Kenneth Williams and Dick Emery these days with the double entendres and all.  That was the predictable prediction in the paper today. Yes, its going to take you three months to get the Xmas weight off.  Really?  I don't think so somehow.  By all accounts the food we consume on Xmas day alone would give you enough food to keep you going for a week if you didn't eat another morsel.  I suspect this article, along with all the others -  the Little Black Dress diet (see my previous post), any other diet you can think of and the celebrities before and after pictures for this year are dug out to fill the papers during the festive season.

We should also be due the avalanche of Weigh Watchers and the like on the telly any minute now.  And did you know you could get a sofa interest free for 3 years? It had escaped my notice.

Welcome to the short lived diet season and resolutions. I don't do resolutions - I used to when I was about 15 but as a fully fledged grown woman I tend to address the To Do List during the course of the year.

Well I've been on the wagon since October have fallen off over the last week or so - not spectacularly but enough to get muddy (or should I say down and dirty if this is Dick Emery/Kenneth Williams blog post).

So tomorrow I'm back on the wagon although I have a few more bumpy roads to negotiate.  We are being entertained Thursday and Friday and then there's New Year's Eve but that's a cosy night in for us so shouldn't be too hard negotiate. 

Tomorrow I'm going to complete some dancing on the X-box Kinect (a xmas presents for me the kids) - I have the biggest loser as well which I will start once the kids go back to school.  Let's hope my gain and any back dated gain that may be due next week will come off and it won't take a ridiculous 3 months to shift. And I can stick two fingers up at the hacks who tell me otherwise.

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