Thursday, 8 December 2011

"Super Womble... up the universe in his super womble tights".

I loved this record - I would have been  20 months when this came out in 1975 but I do remember having the 7inch record of it.  Either I have an exceptional memory and the ability to put on a record at that age or it was re-released at a later date.  I wouldn't mind being a super womble whizzing through the air in my super womble tights. The outfit would certainly come in handy now its getting much colder.  Although not as cold as some people are making out. Its not "freezing" technically and it was certainly much colder with snow this time last year so by and large we've had it very mild thus far.  Maybe the extra fat is keeping me warmer.

Talking of which I am bored of being in the 13 stone zone already and desperately need to exit and make my way into the 12 zone.  However, the little fella has been keeping me up this week and last and probably the week before that.  He isn't sleeping in the day much either a sure sign of those bloody teeth hurry up and get on with it.  It does affect my diet though it has to be said. I am cream crackered today and have unsuccessfully tried to get him to sleep for the past hour. I have relented. He is back downstairs.  It is 1.45 which gives me 1.15 mins before round 2 of my day. Its gotten so busy at the mo - I feel I don't have time to do anything and I will have to go to bed early tonight which I hate as I like to have some down time but I can't I need to re-charge.  The Wii was absent yesterday and I doubt I'll have time now and did I mention the crisps yesterday? Yes they made an appearance again.  Groan and moan - I need to get a grip.
Thankfully I have been hungry most days so I'm confident of a loss this week now if I could only get at least 6 hours...

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