Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Inappropriate Present Reaction Syndrome

Well that's what I have by all accounts (I have made up the syndrome but think its quite a good one what do you think?).  My reaction is non-plused, no smile before swiftly moving onto the next present! Well I never.  I always say that if a person perceives you in a certain way that is the way you are seen by others.

Irrespective of whether you think you are like that or not.  Like the classic "well I didn't mean it to come out like that".  If the person on the receiving end interprets it in a different manner, then, that is how you have come across. Fact.  Uncomfortable, unfortunate but true.  So I have to accept if that's the perception then that is the truth if I am to abide by my own rule making.

Now as anyone who knows me well and has been reading this blog will be fully aware I will have a defence for this perception.  This was pointed out to me by my sister (they are twins and were around last night together with my brother-in-law for more food eating) unintentionally - or was it?!  She said she was surprised my other sister's present got a reaction.  On further enquiry she said I was "known" for not showing much emotion when opening presents and moving swiftly onto the next one.  Well there is an element of truth to this I must admit.  But I did think I smiled, said thank you and then moved swiftly on.  I don't do jazz hands or get all excited when opening presents. I am 38 not 8 and I never really feel the need to prolong the "oh wow thanks that's really kind of you".  I mean a present is a present.  Its nice - thank you - onto the next one!  Equally I wouldn't expect a pro-longed reaction to any present I have given and don't need to be watching the person open it or get them to describe the moment they opened my wonderful gift.

My sisters do have Present Overload Syndrome (made that one up too) though!  They spend hours opening gifts they have purchased for each other and it can go on for hours, one at a time, so everyone can watch the expression on the person opening the present.  I have to say I do find this a tad tedious especially if the present is not from you! I am also not interested in asking people what they got and telling them what I got - I find it a bit too personal and don't want to sound like I'm showboating or being show offie.  I got a gorgeous diamond eternity ring by the way but I didn't put it on facebook and won't be showing it off unless I'm specifically asked. I just feels a bit tacky to do so.

However, I am genuinely grateful for any present received so I will make more of an effort to express that in future.  I do love cards, more so than presents, especially from the kids and from the hubster and which I always keep.  I like seeing them hit the doormat all colourful and inviting, recognising the handwriting and the little effort that has gone into choosing one and posting it. 

So next year if you see my clapping my hands like the gay bloke out of Will and Grace you will now that I'm trying to overcome my Inappropriate Present Reaction Syndrome.

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