Saturday, 10 December 2011

Hah, hah, hah, hah...

...stayin alive! Well I very much enjoyed the top ten Bee Gees hits on ITV last night.  Was just flicking and love old footage from the 70's or any era really.  I had forgotten what prolific songwriters they are.  Also the classic Islands in the Stream was written by them. TUNE!! as the like to say on Facebook.  Trouble is they are very difficult to sing along (or screeching) to as I found out today having downloaded one of their "No 1's" albums.  I particularly like the Massachusetts number and will be jigging away to all the classics such as Night Fever and the like during the Christmas break.

It was an early start for me this morning - the little fella woke at 6.30 but wouldn't go back to sleep with me - he'd also said hi at 12.30 am and 4 ish.  Well the onesie was a one off it seems - I still got him another one in any event as he needs to be toastie for the winter.  I caught the end of Mary Poppins with the LF and my daughter.  I'm not a great fan of singing between every scene but she enjoyed it and says she wants to star in a panto when she's older following our trip last week.  I can see her name up in lights now!

Well I'm hungry a good sign.  I'm doubtful I can get into the 12 stone zone pre-Xmas.  I am cooking tonight but am out next week and then relaxation will set in when the kids are off so still a few dangerous weeks to negotiate.  I was inspired by my friend Emma, who I'm sure she won't me saying, was in the 13 stone zone this year and proudly announced she was 10 stone 7lbs as of this week. She has managed this by eating sensibly and going to Zumba workouts twice a week.  So it is possible to be 10 stone something or anything if you really put your mind to it.  My ultimate target is 10 stone 5lbs but at the moment I'll be happy to be in the 12's by the end of December/January.

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