Thursday, 15 December 2011

Crisp Watch

Never mind Autumn Watch on the BBC - I'm on Crisp Watch.  They have been making a bit of a regular appearance this week. Not even my normal preggers addiction of the cheese ball variety or even the lovely bacon frazzles but just plain ready salted. 

Last night I happened to mention this to the hubster who said "whoa you didn't tell me this" - he hasn't read my blog in a long time and I don't tell him what I eat on a daily basis how boring is that!  I justified it by saying that overall my calorie intake was still good for losing weight and I'm always hungry of an evening.  But he had a valid point that I am replacing the fat I'm losing with new fat from the crisps.  So today they didn't pass my lips and I think I need to apply this to biscuits, mince pies (the homemade kind the shop bought ones are rankton) and chocolate (this is an easy one as crisps are my thang).

I am out tomorrow night for a good old drink and take-away with the Year 1 mums so a date with the Wii is essential!

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