Saturday, 3 December 2011

The Buffet Girl Part II

Well last night the Buffet Girl was out at a Thai restaurant £15 stuff yourself silly type affair.  I drove due to a mix up with the travel arrangements - I didn't mind in the slightest as the person I was fetching is great company. The fat outfit got a dusting down and my lovely glitter shoes also got their yearly outing.  Now I didn't look too bad, in fact, the outfit had grown by several inches as my bum has got smaller thereby giving me more fabric to go over my legs. My husband remarked that I looked really lovely and the outfit looked miles better than last year.  So I was good to go.

So how did I fair on the rotating (no less) buffet - pretty, pretty good. I mean I did eat well but I didn't go back for 3rds and 4ths and 5ths and  I was certainly able to stop eating whilst there were several plates still left.  I wasn't groaning at the sides - I was full but not unpleasantly so and certainly not stuffed. The food was ok - nothing spectacular but what do you expect for the price?  I don't go in for the greedy mentality of shoving as much food down your gob just because its £15.  I was surprised that more dishes were ordered up when people had clearly had enough.
Anyway, it was an okay night and I had good company either side of me which was the main thing.  I now have a hideous garlic/chili after taste in my mouth which my husband has gone out for some mints as I don't want to inflict anymore second hand garlic on him and others.  Today is the panto and we are having chips afterwards - I need to do some serious sweat points tomorrow and I'll be amazed if I lose any weight on Monday. 

Me last night - less of a bear head?

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