Saturday, 31 December 2011

The Biggest Loser

Well I have just tried this game out on the X-box Kinect.   I chose Bob as my trainer as he is 'fit' and not just in the true sense of the word. I know he is of a different persuasion but still - I might try Gillian out next time.  So your body gets scanned and its so life like it is depressing.  I am a wobbly weeble at the bottom right of the screen and I turn green when I'm following Bob correctly and red when not.  I would suggest, if you do buy his game, not to have the kids watching whilst rolling about laughing at your "big bum". It follows your actions perfectly. However, it really is one for the evening given that the little fella isn't sleeping much in the day - this is a bit of a draw back as I do like to complete my exercise in the day.

I only did 30 mins at moderate level and it did give me a little sweat and it was hard in places. The star jumps were horrible as were the lunges. Its proper working out old school my friends. I choose the 12 week fat burning programme and it says I will be at my goal weight by then.  The calorie count was a bit disappointing 144 for 30 mins - that's no good.  I will continue to do the Wii dance/Zumba alongside this programme and possibly change it to challenging once I get used to the screens etc.

I do find the X-box Kinect to be so frustrating with the waving of the hand to get to the setting you want. Think of the Wii when you first buy it and how frustrating it was to get the finger to point to what you wanted  - well times that by 100 and you get the idea of the X-box Kinect - it takes too long and you can stand there for about 5 mins at times just to get to something you want to do. Maybe when we all get used to it it will become easier. I also gave Dance Central a go and was equally unimpressed however the negotiation of the menu is much easier - more of a swiping action. The music was pretty naff too. 

I am still a Wii devotee I'm afraid but maybe that will change over the coming weeks.

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