Friday, 23 December 2011

Beware of The Xmas Bragger

They will lead you into a false sense of eating security.  Much like the size 10 friend who speaks of all the naughty things they have consumed and how they have "stuffed themselves silly", "haven't been good" etc etc but still remain, surprisingly enough, the same weight. The Xmas Bragger who speaks of all things consumed leading up to and after Xmas, can unwittingly throw you not just off the dieting course, but hurtle you spectacularly off and over the cliff completely.

There are two more sleeps as more mums than children will tell you till the big day.  There is already Facebook talk of Quality Street tins being opened - 3 consumed already?!, scrummy meals out, drinks consumed, hangovers and on and on it will go until the predictable comments of "am sooo stuffed" "can't eat another thing" "eaten so much crap" will be surfacing before 9pm on Xmas day.  The trick is (easier said than done) is not to think this is the green light for my big bad arsed self!  Most of these people are not overweight in the first place and I will do well to remember that.  They are of a normal weight and if they want to consume a whole tin of Quality Street then that is their prerogative.  However, it is more likely that given they are of sound weight that their stomach wouldn't be able to take such abuse and the tin was probably shared amongst several others.  You never get the true picture - these people's ideas of pigging out are very different to my own previous pigging out during the festive season.

So whilst pigging out during the festive season, egged on by the Facebook Status's (lets face it there's not going to be too many which say am desperately trying not to over indulge up to Xmas day), remember The Xmas Bragger will come back from the break no bigger than when they starter it.

A 1970's tin of Quality Street

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