Thursday, 17 November 2011

Video killed the radio star 1979

..."I heard you on the wireless" It was me!! Yes I was a star for about 3 minutes today on BBC London talking to Vanessa Feltz.  Anyone would think I'd been on prime time telly the level of excitement it generated from me.  I was just looking at @The1970sDiet on twitter when a tweet from the show said they were discussing ethnic mixed schools in London.  I tweeted back saying my son had Iranian, Polish, Egyptian and Italian children in his class (one of each of those I might add) which I thought was great. Next thing I know I'm live on the phone in. I quickly texted my husband who was working at a friends and who I was due to visit that morning.  What's the point of being on the radio if there's no one to hear you I figured.

I like Vanessa Feltz. I like her style of writing in the Daily Express and think shes intelligent and very quick thinking.  I felt very at ease chatting I must say. Now I wasn't being PC or anything I genuinely think my children benefit from having children from different nationalities in their class.  I don't think they're being held back as one caller said. Maybe its the quality of teaching but they are all very well catered for and are in various sets for ability and extra help is available for those where English is a second language.  My children learn about different cultures and religions but as I said on the radio, they also had a British Week where they made Union Flags (its only Jack if it is flying at sea - fact!), St George Crosses, Maypole dancing, Cornish Pastie making, Scarecrows and ate Fish and Chips. I don't recall any parent from an ethnic background saying this smacked of right wing fascism which can be linked to the Union Flag/George Cross at times.  They also had International Week and dressed up in various costumes.

I also mentioned my Iranian mummy friend who I took a shine to when she asked me innocently on day one "what is plimsolls"? She makes Iranian rice for me which is lovely - she makes the top layer of the rice go all crispy and as one who likes her food Vanessa knew exactly what I was talking about.

My bubble was quickly burst, however, when I got a call from the school to say my daughter had been sick and to come and collect her. Normal service has been resumed.

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