Saturday, 12 November 2011

A trim at both ends

Warning this may offend - if you are prone to being easily violated by words then please leave the blog immediately.

Today I was booked in for some essential woman maintenance.  I had a hair cut booked at 8.15 am - 8.15 am I kid you not.  The only available slot on a Saturday. Only a mum would think that was okay - as a mum of 3 I'm not convinced its okay or even that it should be allowed. Naturally the little fella slept in till 9.30 am - where is the justice in this cruel, cruel world?  In any event my hair was in desperate need of a trim.  This event only takes place about 4 x a year - you can allow me this treat so I had to swallow the crack of dawn time slot.

I have been growing it since last September when I asked for it a little shorter.  The girl (lets call her Steph as that was her name) decided to cut it just below my ears. My hair is curly so it rode up even further. I could have cried right there and then in the chair.  I know most mums decide to get their locks cut after childbirth but this was taking it to another level i.e the piss. She left that day but due to the hairdressers secret code she could not tell me this fact.  I like to think we had a good relationship up to that point and I always tipped her well - maybe she wanted to have a final experiment I don't know.  Upon my return to the house and feeling very fragile, fat and ugly I proclaimed "I hate it" "look what she's done".  My husband responded by bursting out laughing - in between bursts the odd "no its fine" whilst trying to stiffle the sniggers.  As the evening wore on and he kept glancing across and laughing out loud whilst also remarking it resembled a "space helmet" and at one point the words "Captain James T Kirk" came out of his mouth.  He did not have sex that night - well not with me at any rate.

So after today's trim I then went for another trim but down the other end. Now I have no qualms about this getting taken off and trimmed to an inch of its life.  The therapist who runs the salon is a lovely woman who is in her late 50's. She tried a new wax treatment on me and I am pleased to say I did not look like a plucked chicken like I normally do after a bikini wax. I always feel better about myself after a nice hair cut and a tidy in the downstairs department. Seeing as clothes are out of the question at the mo this is the next best thing.

We got chatting about various things - I always find it amusing the general chit chat us ladies can have whilst someone is ripping off your pubic hairs, legs a kimbo with wax. We were talking about C-sections (I've had 3, she has had 2) and the medical difficulties we have both encountered.  When I enquired about her children she said her first died when he was 7 1/2 and her second was now 43.  I was stunned and felt awful for her - I didn't enquire as to the details but there are moments like these that really put your life into perspective with regard to dieting and the like.  I know I am truely blessed with my lot and do thank god most days but just in case I forget I got a good reminder today.

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