Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Slim mums I salute you

Yes I do, I really do.  I admire your self-control and restraint especially if you are a foodie and have several ankle bitters to take care of.  I think its very easy to be a fat mum.  Food, whether you like it or not, becomes a major factor in your life once you have kids.  If you are a foodie, greedy type buffet girl like myself then there is undoubtedly going to be trouble ahead. 

I used to work - yes a long time ago.  I had Saturday jobs and paper rounds from 14 onwards and started full-time work when I was 18.  I worked in the banking industry and was drunk for the majority of the time.  It was great fun and I have fond memories.  We even had a single camp bed in the staff room in case anyone didn't quite make it home that night.  After that I worked in the 'big smoke'. I loved the job but I wanted to be pregnant and have children.   I gave up a month before my eldest was born - we toyed with me going back part-time (2 days 1 at home) but I couldn't bare to leave him in a nursery with 17 year olds 'looking' after him.

I've yet to meet a mum who puts her child in nursery and doesn't proclaim "they love it". Yes, that's right they love being dropped off at 7 am in the morning and being picked up at 6pm.  No they don't. They clearest indication is when they scream their heads off (as they can't talk you see) when you drop them off. They stop crying after you leave as they accept defeat that you will not be returning for a very long time.  Even when the nursery staff gives the child food they are allergic too or the numerous accidents they encounter - I have yet to come across a mum who takes the child out of nursery. I know, I know a lot of people don't have a choice but how much are they really clearing from their salary once they pay out £50 a day for childcare?  So they can buy stuff? Have a 2 week holiday somewhere? Is it really worth it? 

We didn't have nurseries in the 70's - yes it was different times but this is a recent phenomenon and one which, I believe, we will look back on and think what an earth were we thinking.

Anyway, onto work.  Yes, I don't recall being constantly asked for food every 5 minutes by my colleagues. Or asked "what's for lunch" "what's for pudding". You can just please yourself with regard to what and when you want to eat pre-kids.  Now its an entirely different matter. Everything centers around feeding people.  My eldest 2 shout out their orders in the morning - "plain white toast", "brown bread plain", "brown bread with butter", "brown bread with jam - not cut up" "thick porridge with mixed up jam" "can we have a biscuit now" "what's in my lunch box" "can I have one of those cakes" "can we have a snack" "when's dinner" "what's for pudding" "is the poppadom man coming today (this would have been a Saturday)?" and so it goes on and on and on. Even worse in the school holidays and I have a life time of those to negotiate.  I plan the weekly menu (some people think its anal - I think it saves me money and stops me having to think even more about food) so I can just look at the blackboard and say right that's for tea.   

So for those slim mummies who over the years have adopted self restraint and not picked at a few crisps here and there, popped a biscuit, cake into their gob whilst dishing out the various treats. I salute you - and I hope to be joining you very, very soon.


  1. I couldn't even bear to read the rest. Thanks for making me feel extra crap about putting my child to nursery. I'm so pleased for your that you can afford to pay your mortgage and feed yourself and your children on one wage. Many of us cannot.

  2. Hello, I do not intend to make anyone feel crap whilst writing this blog. This is blog is for one aim - to lose weight. I will post my own personal opinions whilst writing. I will never think a nursery is a good place for a child. I accept I am in the miniority - this does not change my opinion. You are right one salary should be enough. There are a lot of political issues which surround this topic. This government is morally bankrupt let alone actually bankrupt. We do everything we can so that our children don't have to go to nursery - that is our choice.