Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Opportunity Knocks

Remember that talent show? It ran in the 60's through to the '70's and then was re-branded with Bob Monkhouse as the host in the late 80's. The theme tune was sung by Kiki Dee and I heard it somewhere the other day.  It was today's equivalent to Britain's Got Talent.  Although as I child I watched this, as an adult, I don't watch any talent show (not unless you include Strictly Come Dancing which I watch for the hair, dresses, sequins and of course the dancing) including the dreaded X-factor.

The majority of people I know do watch this show religiously. I know what's going on in the show via newspapers but  I have only watched a few minutes here and there over the years when I'm flicking through channels.  I'm not really moved by people singing and was never into karaoke. I've never had any desire to be on the stage singing - maybe that's why it doesn't appeal to me. I don't think I'm above it or that I'm too high brow - it just bores me. Why are people so into it?  My sister says that after a hard week at work she likes to 'dum' down and finds it relaxing.  Is it escapism from the daily grind?  People always say "never discuss politics or religion". If a conversation ever gets a bit 'deep' i.e talking about the state of the economy its quickly brushed over to something that is light and fluffy. I have a friend who chooses not to buy newspapers or watch the news because its "depressing".  It was only when the riots took place over the summer that people did actually engage in a bit of politics for the first time in years. Briefly the state of the country took precedent over who's going to be booted out of X-factor.

Could it be that X-factor is the modern day equivalent to Roman Entertainment?  By that I mean the following:-

quoted from

These shows were usually free to the public. The emperors believed it was a good way to keep the people of Ancient Rome happy and content with the way the city was being governed. The government provided free bread and free entertainment - a combination they believed would keep happy the many unemployed people in Rome.

With unemployment possibly reaching 3 million next year - YOU DECIDE!!

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