Thursday, 24 November 2011

Operation Xmas

Yup (as my 14 year old step-daughter would say) this needs to be put in place and fast.  I'm fine tuning the details but if there's ever going to be a 'danger, danger, high voltage' situation in my 1970's diet than this is it - the season to get fatter.

Yesterday was my birthday and you can see what I consumed and what I consume everyday in my 'Food Diary'.  I ate too much yesterday. I felt a bit sick to be honest, tetchy and generally yucky afterwards.  I know that there will be days like this throughout my diet but I have to make sure its an odd day here and there and not a free fall into obesity. 

Now, in theory, Christmas should be about (and Jesus of course!) a slightly larger than average meal on the day itself.  I remember years ago a woman said to me "I don't know why people put on so much weight its only one meal".  She obviously had never been to my household where the plates were piled high with food - this was actively encouraged by my dad who incidentally was massive as a child. If you weren't groaning with stomach pains afterwards then you hadn't had a decent Xmas dinner.  It wasn't unusual for us to actually wear loose fitting clothing especially for our Xmas dinner - you'd certainly be changing into your trackie bottoms afterwards that's for sure. A 7lb gain over the Xmas period would be greeted with respect not disgust.

I remember when my husband first had Xmas day dinner at our house - he was shocked at the amount that was besieged onto our plates.  We were like vultures who hadn't seen any meat in days and were partial to a crispy roast potato. As an adult and with children of my own, I am much more restrained at Xmas.  I used to aim for a maximum 3-5lb weight gain around this period and give myself at pat on the back if I'd managed that. 

I do hate that bloated feeling where you've grown a few more chins, your face looks really puffy and your jeans are stretched beyond breaking point - no self respecting pair of denims should have to endure that. 

But that woman was wrong. Xmas isn't just about the dinner on the 25th.  It used to be certainly in the 70's/80's and even possibly the '90's maybe that's why we went mad on the day itself.  These days its the build up to it and that's where Operation Xmas has to come into effect.

Firstly Xmas starts like now.  The Xmas lights are being switched on in our high street tomorrow. I will take the kids to see a 5 min Father Christmas travel up the high street on a back of a landscaping truck with minimal decorations whilst we stand outside Smallworths. This is the new shop which replaced Woolworths when it went bust and some 33,000 people lost their jobs.  I don't know why it went bust as I never seemed to leave the place without spending £30 on stuff I had no intention of buying.  Sadly I could not save it.

We have the school's Xmas fair on Saturday. I am on a night out on 2nd December, 3rd December and again on the 16th and 17th. Then there's the general winding down, kids off school holiday mode, dark nights by the fire and it all equates to eating more and exercising less.  I do not want to put on weight and undo my good work up to this point. 

So what's the plan then.  Well tonight I will be having soup for my tea instead of the usual meatballs this is to counter balance yesterday's diversion. I am also about to go on the Wii dance for the first time this week. I will do this after my meals out on 2nd, 3rd, 16th and 17th - eat soup and make sure a Wii dance has happened.  I'm going to set up a new page called Operation Xmas to keep track of events and exercise.  I need to remain focus at all times.  Wish me luck. 

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