Monday, 7 November 2011

Monday Weigh In

Another 3lb down.  Total loss 6lbs in 2 weeks.  This probably wouldn't impress the producers of The Biggest Loser (I'd certainly be below the yellow line for sure) but its good enough for me.  I had quite a week temptation wise and coped pretty well.  I did have a sliver of the jam pudding Sunday (quality control checks and all that) so need to be careful this week.  'They' (the faceless, nameless 'they') say that its the 3rd week that people come unstuck - its normally the 3rd day for me so lets hope I can negotiate this week pretty well.  There are no major temptations or things going on so I need to make sure I do more exercise as last week was pretty poor on that front.

Until  next week...

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